Conflict with ISIS

By Alex pastor

The rising conflict in Syria and Iraq right now

ISIS is a Muslim extremist group that want to not just terroris the Christian nations and non Islamic nations but also want to carve out a perfect Islamic kingdom. After this group started in Iraq in 2013 from the reminence of the dying extremist group that is al quada the violence in Iraq and Syria has been rising significantly. An example of the rising violence is the capture of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Another example is the destruction of non pre Islamic ruins like roman ruins from the extremist group ISIS. All of these examples show that this is just the beginning of what looks to be a long conflict. But in Iraq there is still hope for a reunited Iraq, the Kurds and pro Iraqi forces fight back the extremist group in hopes that they can establish a country with order and peace. In Syria the problem also worsens, ISIS so far has established a territory that takes a good bit of the eastern border of Syria and also has a territory claim that stretches all the way to Damascus the capital of Syria. ISIS has also clamed land bordering Baghdad the Iraqi capital, this means that they are able to take two major cities in the Middle East which will give them true power to make them a nation. Luckily western nations like britan and the U.S. do drone strikes on parts with ISIS operative and soldiers, and they do special operations to rescue hostages and to help the pro Iraqi fighters. But even though the west and the Middle East fights the terror group the conflict is still rising.

The major question

Should we help Iraq

It has been 4 years since the pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq but yet we still are fighting in Iraq to this very day. There are many people who are going to die from the ISIS regime and those people are begging the U.S. and Europe to send ground troops. The answer to this question is yes we should go back into Iraq, we should go in and take down this extremist group that is a huge threat to not just them but us as a nation. There are people in our society that say that we just need to not worry about the world but to worry only about our country, but the truth is we can ignore the world but the world will not ignore us. We need to not give up the fight on terror and we should help Iraq because if we don't it's likely there will be an attack just like 9/11 and I know no one wants that to happen. So we as a country should help Iraq because if we do we could have a better chance to finally end the war on terror.