Land A Tenth of the Price!!!

Houston's Colony

People Wanted

We need people that are hard working, honest, and are willing to convert to Spanish ways. You change to the religion and way of the future! You get to become catholic and pledge your loyalty to the Spanish government. We want some doctors, blacksmiths, farmers and ranchers. If you are a doctor you can even get additional land!!!

If you meet these requirements send an application to New Orleans,Louisiana

People not Wanted

No gamblers, drunkards, profane swearers, or idlers.

The Land

The land we have is I between the Brazos and Colorado River. It has the MOST FERTILE soil in Texas. No need to be afraid to come, there are no native Americans around us. We are by the beautiful rolling plains with lots of lumber to build houses. We are close to 2 rivers, so we will never be thirsty. We also have lots of game so no need to be hungry. We have plenty of rain for crops and we are close to the coast. The weather is nice and warm all year long.

The Big Yellow One is Houston's Colony

How much land will you get?

Everybody receives tons of land, but if you have more people with you, you need more land. A single man receives 640 acres. If he has a wife he gets an additional 320 acres. For each kid you gets another 160 acres. For each slave you get an addition 80 acres.