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March 2016 - ISSUE 1

Top kids music learning tips of the month

Practice makes perfect. Yes, it’s a fact and we all know it’s true. The question is how many kids would really practice their musical instrument everyday if we leave it up to them, especially when they could choose to do other fun activities? I know it is difficult and I am always trying to share some ideas about how to help your kids to learn music better and happier. So I am going to share some tips of how to improve your child’s musical learning experience this month.

Those positive helpful tips are from a professional music educator, which would help your kid develop some self-discipline and self-motivation for practice and enjoy music for a lifetime.

Top live dulcimer music of this month

Check out the video below "Rain in Spring" by Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra. I am not kidding when I say this show is AMAZING! You will find out that dulcimer is so beautiful!
春夜喜雨 Rain in Spring (Yangqin Concerto) - Wong Hui Wen and Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra 2011

Dulcimer lessons from me

In my video last month, I introduced "What is Chinese dulcimer". This month, I am going to focus on some basic playing techniques of dulcimer. Check out the following video of me teaching "how to use Chinese dulcimer hammers".
Kelsey's Chinese Dulcimer Lesson: Dulcimer Hammers

Dulcimer knowledge

Chinese hammered dulcimer shares many elements of construction with other instruments in the hammered dulcimer family: strings, bridges and hammers. Here is some brief information. I am going to introduce those three elements in details this month.
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Top performance for kids of the month

Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Youth Orchestra Program

Saturday, April 16th, 2pm

101 Queen Street North

Kitchener, ON

Tickets are purchased online:

Preludium Strings, Youth Strings, Youth Sinfonia, Youth Concert Band, Youth Orchestra.

Youth Orchestra Scholarships will be announced at this concert.

A note from Kelsey

I know it is hard to encourage your kid keep practicing musical instrument and I know it is not just a learning process for your kid -- it is for us as well! So if you have any comment, concern, feedback or any suggestion, please let me know.