Google Drive Intro!

CGHS English 10 Honors, Mrs. Cole

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a versatile tool you have access to with your Google (Gmail) account. First and foremost, it gives you online space to save your documents. It also works a bit like an online word processor, slideshow maker, and more.

But that's not all...

The best part of Google Docs is the capability it has to share documents with others. We will use it this year to connect, collaborate, and create by...

  • Making and saving word processing documents and presentations online
  • Collaborating in real time on shared documents with other students
  • Writing online and getting online feedback from the teacher
  • Reading, annotating, and discussing texts online
  • And more!

Today's Tasks

1. Go log in to Google Drive.

Use your Google/Gmail account. Click here to log in. (Keep this window open so you can continue with the next steps.)

2. Find your shared folder.

You should be able to see a shared folder that's been created for you. This folder is viewable by you and Mrs. Cole. Everything you put into it is also viewable by Mrs. Cole. If you don't see a folder, raise your hand and Mrs. Cole will make one for you.

Your folder will display with your name and period (see below).

3. Open your folder and create a document.

Click the folder to open it. You're now inside your folder. Click the red "Create" button and select "Document" (See below.)

4. Name your document.

Use your last name, first name, and period.

5. Play with the basic functions of the document.

Make sure you know how to perform these basic functions (which can all be found in the toolbar at the top of your document):

  1. Changing font type, size, italic/bold/underline, color
  2. Changing alignment (left, center, right, justified)
  3. Undo/redo
  4. Changing text type (normal, title, subtitle, etc.)
  5. Make a bulleted or numbered list
  6. Increase and decrease indentations
  7. Use the ruler to move the margin
  8. Change the line spacing (single, double, etc.)

If you don't know how to do one of the above tasks, FIRST try to figure it out yourself and THEN ask for help if you're still stumped.

6. Play with the advanced functions of the document.

Make sure you know how to:

  1. Insert a hyperlink (Highlight text, select Insert>Link and enter URL)
  2. Insert an image (Insert>Image)
  3. Other insert functions: drawing, footnote, special characters, etc.
  4. File tab functions: download as, rename, make a copy, etc.
  5. Tools tab functions: spell check, research, define, etc.
  6. Table tab: insert and format a table

If you don't know how to do one of the above tasks, FIRST try to figure it out yourself and THEN ask for help if you're still stumped.

8. Share your document with someone.

Click File>Share and enter any email address (not your own) in the window. Also note that this is where you can change privacy settings by clicking "Change" or where you can copy the URL of your document to make a link. (You won't use this shared document again, but don't delete it.)

Now fill out this quiz!

Afterwards, return to this page and continue on to the next step.
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9. Work on a shared document.

Find the "Puritan Collaborative Inquiry Project" Presentation document, which will work just like a PowerPoint. Everyone in the class has access to this document. Find your assigned slide in the presentation and begin adding content to it using Tools>Research. Without talking, figure out how to use the Comment and Chat functions to discuss with your classmates and collaborate to finish the presentation. It will be due on Monday, so if you don't finish today in class, your homework is to finish it this weekend.