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Riders are Readers (September)

September Recap

September has been a busy month in the library. 3rd-5th grades heard about the 2015-2016 Bluebonnet books. Kinder, 1st and 2nd grades started having their lessons with Mrs. Romine and we celebrated Dot Day. Students also learned about Digital Citizenship and Copyright.

5th Grade Memes

5th grade usually doesn't come for an orientation at the beginning of the year, because I figure they have been here enough and heard the talk plenty of times before. So this year, I decided to have them come up with some library memes to teach the other students our expectations. We used Google Classroom for this and the students really came up with some good ones. Read more about this here.


Program Participation

  • Bluebonnet: quizzes taken
  • Birthday Books: 8 handed out

Library Books Checked Out

  • K - 312
  • 1st - 575
  • 2nd - 1124
  • 3rd - 1017
  • 4th - 1232
  • 5th - 1114


  • Digital Citizenship: All Students
  • Bluebonnet Introduction: Grades 3,4,5
  • Storytimes: Kinder
  • Wild About Books: Grade 1
  • Picking a "Just Right Book": Grade 2
  • Amelia Bedelia Homophones: Grade 3

Upcoming Events

Literacy Pumpkin Patch: October 26-30

Bookfair: November 30-December 4

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