natural disaster


Volcanoes are a natural disaster that are very powerful. For instance, an active can generate tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, mud flows, and rockfalls. Another interesting fact is, when magma from inside the Earth’s Upper Mantle comes up the the exterior, volcanoes are formed. When plates (make up the Earth’s Crust) move it creates friction which causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions by the edges of plates. In addition, a fluidized medley of spongy pieces and hot, developing gases that pour down the walls of a volcano is called Pyroclastic flow. According to Weather Wiz Kid, there are 80 or more underwater volcanoes. In conclusion, Volcanoes are very powerful and interesting.

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Volcanoes poem

It was a warm sunny day in Hawaii

People swimming in the blue ocean

It was a perfectly normal day

Then the storm came in

The raspy roar of a mountain like structure could be heard

Gases and rocks spray high up in the air lava fragments everywhere

It was like the sound of oil mixed with explosives

This monster could take down an entire forest with its mighty power

It howled as if it were a wolf in the moonlit night

This creature could last from a few months to millions of years

This is one of the 1,500 huge demons on Earth


Boom Bang

Whoo Clank

Screech Ahhh

Over time this horror will erupt and get even larger

Is this ever going to end?

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This volcano wiped out the whole Roman town of Pompeii with lava. The mountain that flooded the city was called Mt. Vesuvius. A lot of people died in the devastating event.