Term 3 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The following is a brief outline of what students will be learning this term. The students have settled straight back into routines, and we are set to have a very busy and enjoyable term.

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

Eleni Antoniou



Talking & Listening

Students will give prepared speeches on our HSIE topics this term. Details for the first speech have been sent home with the students.


Students will continue to participate in shared, modelled, guided and independent reading activities this term. Early this term, we will be finishing our novel study on Blueback by Tim Winton. We will explore a variety of narrative texts this term to assist with narrative writing.

Students will be using Reading Eggspress during literacy sessions and are most welcome to use the site at home using the login details they have been provided.


Students will continue to participate in daily 'VCOP' lessons to increase their knowledge and understanding of grammar and punctuation. They will improve their use of vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation in order to enhance their writing. Each week, students are encouraged to take risks during 'Big Writing' sessions to develop their writer's voice. On Wednesdays, students will participate in talking and listening activities based on a visual stimulus. They are encouraged to talk about their ideas at home before writing their text on Thursdays.


Students will consolidate their number skills this term. They have practised using a range of strategies to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers and are now working to use their preferred strategies efficiently. Students will continue to practise applying these skills to solve problems and learn to approach problems using a variety of strategies and techniques.

Students are learning and practising the following strategies for addition and subtraction:

The School A-Z website is a rich source of information should you wish to help your child at home. This information sheet explains all the mental strategies your child is taught at school.

2/3E students have been working at their own pace to learn their times tables and will continue to do so this term.


Year 2

All Year 2 students will be participating in the study of another country or culture this term. 2E students are learning about Italy and have started learning a little Italian which they have been eager to share with the Year 3 students.

Year 3

Year 3 students are learning about national parks this term. This unit provides opportunities for students to explore issues, values and attitudes associated with the establishment of national parks. Students' mapping skills will be developed in lessons integrated with Mathematics. In Science this term, students will be studying biodiversity and will complete a project integrating these KLAs through the design of a website.


Students will participate in Child Protection lessons that aim to develop skills in recognising and responding to unsafe situations, seeking assistance effectively and establishing and maintaining relationships and strengthening attitudes and values related to equality, respect and responsibility.


Students will continue to experiment with a variety of mixed media during the year. Some of their art lessons will focus on skills, while others may be linked to HSIE topics.

This term, students will use the skills they developed when participating in Readers Theatre to create and perform short plays.