The Chicago Black Sox Trial

the fall of 1919


After a successful formation of the Chicago White Sox in 1900, the owner, Charles Comiskey had constructed the greatest team in baseball that year. Despite the team's success, the players were very unhappy. They were some of the most underpaid players in baseball. Some earned under $3000 per year. This made players like outfielder Joe Jackson, second baseman Eddie Collins, and center fielder Happy Felsch tempted to accept bribes from multiple gamblers as high as $100,000. They even fixed the World Series, and when it was revealed to the public that such a thing had happened, the players were not found guilty in trial; however they're banned from major league baseball forever.


The significance is that this was the first major scandal in sports history and not only exposed people the the possibility of cheating in sports but also showed the popularity and influence of sports.



They valued money over a World Series victory. They used this idea of modernism to mold their own future. The players would rather make quick, easy money than raise the World Series trophy.