Life Group Leaders Weekly

WEEK 4 (Oct. 16 - 22)




Greetings Leaders,

We have already had three Life Groups take part in Service projects and I have heard some great things. What a blessing it is to be able to give tangible expression to God's love to our community! Remember to get your Service pictures into Heather so we can share them with the congregation.


1. 'Social Time' Is Essential - I hope your group discussion time is going well. Perhaps you've had a week or two already where the discussion time started a little slow. If so, please consider this helpful tip:

Start with 15 minutes of 'social' time!

Seriously. Remember, "Meaningful relationships..." is our mission statement so don't treat social time as wasted time. It's of tremendous value.

For starters, it's great for priming the pump. You will find that starting with prayer or with discussion right away might prove challenging some weeks. Group discussions are a lot like diesel engines in the cold of winter - once they start (IF they start...), they typically take 10-15 minutes to warm up. So allow social time to become the primer for group discussion.

Also, social time will not only prime the pump for group discussion later, but it will provide opportunity for individuals to form closer connections with one another which, after all, is our MISSION.

Your introverts will love the opportunity to start by catching up with a couple people before you 'officially' begin. Your extroverts love to talk anywhere so they won't mind.

So, give 10-15 minutes at the beginning of your time for some much needed 'Social Time.' Once you are ready to transition into group discussion time, make a call out to the group letting them know that they have 5 minutes to make their way over to the couches (or wherever you sit) for group time. That will give everyone time to finish their discussion and transition into group time.

2. Covenants - Just a quick note on this. Those Covenants should now be signed by all of your group members. You might have had one or two missing this week so be sure to take them aside next week and get them to sign. Remember to keep the covenant somewhere 'visible' when you meet together.

3. Leading a MISSIONAL Group - I have placed a resource in the Planning Center portal entitled "Leading a Missional Group." Feel free to take a look at that as an added resource for you this week.

In Christ,

Pastor Justin


Sermon Text:

2 Timothy 3:10-17



Preacher's Notes:

This week we will be continuing our "Ministry Map" sermon series, focusing on God's Word.

WE BELIEVE the Bible, God's Word, reveals who God is and what He does and why that matters.

THEREFORE, we will faithfully study, obey, and share the Bible.


This week:

1. Covenants: Hosts, keep this covenant visible each week. Laminate it, put it in a picture frame, or lay it next to the coffee pot each week as participants arrive as a visible reminder of our collective commitment.

Service & Socials:

1. Serve Project: Three of our groups have already finished their service projects and two more are going this week. Great! Remember to encourage group members to wear their "SERVE" shirts and to snap a few photos while you are out there. Remember to pray for the organization and individuals you are serving as a group.

2. Socials: If you haven't done so already, begin coordinating your SOCIAL event as a group. You may decide to make it a 'family friendly' event where children are invited. Or you might go another route, like my group, and leave the kids with the babysitter and enjoy a night out on the town. Take a look at our website for some social ideas if you are running stuck.

Attendance Rosters:

Nuff' said...

Feedback Forms:



As stated last week, you will receive the weekly "Leaders Guides" in the following ways:

1. 'I'm out of town!'

Nancy will email you a PDF if she hasn't done so already.

2. 'I'll be at church on Sunday.'

Nancy will print them off and place it in your mailbox.

3. 'I'll be at church on Sunday, but I want to look it over right now to prepare.'

A PDF is on our website. The link is below:

This Week's Leader Guide

You can also find the non-Leader homework guide on our website at:

The Life Group Coordinator Team