Fulton Science Academy


Week of May 9, 2016

Firstly, a huge Thank You to all the dedicated parents and volunteers for a FANTASTIC STEAM DAY and 8th Grade Dance! The STEAM Day was filled with happy smiling faces! These students love to learn!

It is hard to believe there are only 3 weeks left of this school year, especially walking around campus and seeing our students working so hard in class and testing.

So it seems too soon to apprise you of end of school logistics, but we wanted to make you aware that the last week of school our school day will be over at 3:30 pm and there will be no clubs.

Good Luck to our Elementary Science Olympiad Team competing this weekend at State Level at Kennesaw State University.

Calendar dates for the remainder of the school year!

May 9-12 MAP testing

May 13 –19 ITBS testing

May 14- E Science Olympiad attend State at Kennesaw State University

May 15 - Recital for FSA Private Music Lesson

May 16- End of Year Picnic 4:30 pm 6-8 grade

May 17- End of Year Picnic 4:30 pm- 4-5 grade

May 17 - FSA Spring Concert at 6PM

May 18- End or Year Picnic 4:30 pm-Pre-K-3 grade

May 19 - 23 - M Science Olympiad Team Attend National Science Olympiad, Wisconsin

May 19 - 23 - Robotics Team Fly to California for North American Lego League

May 20-Locker Clean Out Day

Last week of School is Spirit Week

May 23- Tacky Day

May 23- Elementary Talent Show 1:45 pm

May 24- Decades Day

May 24 - 8th Grade Award Ceremony at 9AM

May 24 –Middle School Talent Show at 1:45 pm

May 25-Jersey Day

May 25 – Last Blast Carnival – all day event, all grades- Year Book Signing

May 25 -28 -Destination Imagination Teams Attend Global Finals in TN

May 26 – Last day of School

May 26-Dress Up Day- no jeans, no t-shirts

May 26 - Elementary Award Ceremony at 1:30PM

May 26 - Middle School Award Ceremony at 2:30PM

May 29 - June 4: Summer Leadership Camp

Excellent Spanish National Results

We are very excited please congratulate them if you see them!

Great Job Spanish Team!!


8th Grade:

Amaris F (2nd Place in GA)

Nicolas F

7th Grade:

Claire B (1st Place in GA)

Tyler H (1st Place in GA)

Arham (2nd Place in GA)

Chance (2nd Place in GA)

Sofyia J (2nd Place in GA)

Holden W

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Silver Category 90-95%

8th Grade

Destiny A, Charlie F, Nishad K, Ananya P, Prajwal V, Christina W, Nadine H, Shreya P, Sophie C

7th Grade

Shourya J, Neha M, Neda R, Jacob G, Mario M, Arul S

6th Grade

Anastasia K

Big image

Bronze Category

8th Grade

Amisha D, Shruthi, Lucie V

7th Grade

Shriya G, Mariam N, Rishan P, Karen P, Ariel F

6th Grade

Amrita K

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Honorable Mention

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Congratulations to Sophie Chan & the Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra

Mrs. Peacock, Addie and Nishad had the pleasure of attending the “Music at Emory Concert Series” at Emory University. Our own Sophie Chan was among the top performers in the Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra.

The Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra (EJCO) is a fifty –piece orchestra composed of the top sixth – through ninth-grade musicians in the Atlanta area. The orchestra has received recognition for its musical excellence and provides an exciting opportunity for young musicians. Students benefit from weekly rehearsals, which include sectionals with professional Atlanta-area musicians.

Congratulations Sophie on a fabulous performance last night! We are very proud!

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STEAM Day for Students in Pre-K through 2nd grade

This past Thursday, May 6th, students in Pre-K through 2nd grade had an awesome day celebrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in any early-elementary way! All day long students rotated in small groups through many different activities that explored the different components of STEAM. We dove into Science by visiting “Tellus Rocks” and learning the differences between metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. Students had the opportunity to handle rock samples and really examine the differences. Two scientists who are Georgia Tech graduates led us through some hands on experiments with expanding snow and liquid nitrogen. Students even got to eat a VERY frozen snack and watch steam come out of their noses! More science fun awaited when we visited naturalists from the Chattahoochee Nature Center. They were waiting to teach us all about predators and prey and allow us to meet some of the birds that fall into the predator category. Students were enthralled by the hawks and owls right in front of them in their very own Media Center.

Students learned all about the progression of technology by attending the awesome live performance of “Who Put the Fizz in my Pop?” in the Cafeteria. In one of the most engaging virtual walks through the inventions of TV, soda, and more- students hung on the edge of their seats as they awaited their turn to be called on stage and assist in the dramatic reenactment of some of these pivotal modern day items. Another technology favorite was visiting the “Ozobot” station. Students practiced programming in a very basic way by using color and pattern codes to give a tiny robot directions.

Students practiced their engineering and critical thinking skills in the “Cup Challenge.” Students had to work together as a team using rubber bands and string to most efficiently transport cups to make a stack. Everyone had to (literally) pull their weight to make this one work!

Finally, art was everywhere! Students created grid sections to design their own abstract paintings, learned about the importance of positive and negative space in “Shadow Drawing” and visited yet another station to work on the somewhat frustrating, but always aesthetically rewarding, ancient art of origami!! Students finished the day with some wonderful pieces to take home and even more wonderful memories. What a fun-filled day of learning and exploration!

It was full STEAM ahead on Thursday, May 5, as FSAPS students enjoyed a myriad of different events and activities. Upper elementary students kicked off the event with a STEAM show about a team of friends who used creative, scientific, and mathematical principles to solve mysteries around their home town. All of the student body truly enjoyed the humorous and thoughtful play!

Once the play ended, students separated into groups and spent some time at each of several different activities. The students practiced physics by balancing corks on their fingers using toothpicks and clay-weighted skewers, and then got to see several cool experiments in "Microwave Magic." The various experiments included bubbling soap, shrinking a Frito bag, and lighting a light bulb in water.

Later, students tested their brain skills making different origami shapes, complete with paper balloons, Yoda, and, of course, paper cranes! They dove into the artistic side of STEAM by making 3-D hand prints and splatter painted disks, some of which went as far as to include sparkly rocks and other pieces of sediment.

Finally, students dove into Science and Engineering, making cool marker-guided paths for Ozobot races and exploring motion, momentum, force, gravity, and electricity with a team of scientists from Georgia Tech. Finally, FSAPS students capped off their STEAM Day events with a visit from a hawk and an owl from the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Representatives from the center spoke to students about adaptation, biology, and especially mimicry. At the end of the presentation, students brainstormed which items they know of that have been inspired by nature, such as flexible robots inspired by fish and Velcro straps inspired by burrs.

Overall, it was an exciting, wonderful experience for all of the students, and they did an excellent job representing FSAPS to our visitors! Thank you to all of the parents and volunteers who helped make STEAM Day a success this year!

Middle School STEAM activities

On Thursday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!), FSAPS students participated in annual STEAM Day activities.

Having been divided into 10 groups, there were several interactive events arranged for the middle school students to take part in this year.

The day was off to a good start with a charming and funny play about the “STEAM Team” using math, science, and logic to solve mysteries and show some of the interesting careers available to those that pursue different mathematic and scientific fields in college.

Naturalists from the Chattahoochee Nature Center were on hand to discuss biomimicry, a fascinating topic where engineers take inspiration from nature to improve or create new and more efficient devices. Examples of biomimicry on display included how a burr stuck in the fur of a dog led to the creation of Velcro as well as how the shape of a bird wing led to the improvement of the airplane wing. The naturalists also had a live hawk on hand to discuss the Nature Center’s role as an animal rehabilitation center.

Physicists from Georgia Tech came to give a hands-on demonstration of optics using high-powered microscopes. Students prepared slides on which they could see tiny living microbes wriggling about, the chloroplasts shifting in a newly-cut piece of plant matter, and even the purple nuclei of their own cells taken from cheek swabs!

Students were able to put their imaginations and engineering talents to the test as they were tasked with building a boat from limited materials. The boats then took to the water in order to see which could hold the most weight without tipping over or sinking. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this experiment was that no two boats were the same, with odd shapes and unlikely arrangements just as likely to do well as those based on more traditional designs. The winning boat, or barge in this case, was able to hold a few hundred grams before taking on water and sinking under the weight. This was an impressive feat of engineering given 5 minutes, three Styrofoam cups, some drinking straws, and tin foil.

Art was a big part of the day’s activities, with students learning about and emulating the abstract impressionist work of Jackson Pollock. Together each group created their own large mural in the style of Pollock using paint dripped, sprayed, flung, and squirted. Despite its chaotic conception and creation, the pieces actually turned out very well!

Teamwork became important again as students worked on different aspects of a shared painting, with each student responsible for picking the color scheme for what would become a part of a bigger work when combined. As the paint dried and the pieces were cut and reassembled, a riot of colors clashed with one another to create some striking images.

An artist was on hand to discuss her work and how she used different colors in her composition to express herself. One would not expect green to be used to color a white dog in the shadows, but the way the eye and mind work together it worked to give a subtle hint of darkened fur in the dim light in the same way a bright red shirt can be colored orange to give the appearance of being in bright sunlight.

The hands-on nature of the activities and the opportunity to put some of this year’s hard-earned knowledge to work allowed the students to have a fantastic time, ensuring the 2016 STEAM Day was a great success.

Kindergarten Muffins with Moms

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1st grade Muffins with Moms

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Robotics Field Trip To Clemson

On April 29th, Middle School FLL robotics team members visited Clemson Nanomaterials Center (CNC) and Clemson Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) which includes the Electron Microscopy Laboratory and the Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies.

Faculty members of CNC introduced all of their laboratory equipment and explained how to process them. They also gave a presentation about nano scale world for our students. Then, they answered all our students questions about nano scale world. After the CNC visit our students continued to explore nano world at AMRL. Students had a chance to see advanced electron microscopes and their use. They used a desktop electron microscope to observe pollen samples.

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A big THANK YOU goes to Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Crigler and all other parent volunteers for the wonderful organization of 8th grade dance this past Saturday. Students truly enjoyed it. Please see some pictures below.
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Destination Imagination Fundraiser

We would like to invite you to participate in a very special event – the 1st Ever FSA Silent Auction! We need your help to make this fundraiser a success!

The funds generated from the Silent Auction help fund the FSA DI’s journey to Globals. There are some amazing items on the silent auction including an FSA STEM camp, starting well below the retail value!! And with summer coming up you don’t want to miss them!! Lots of FUN Summer activities!

Click here to start the bidding: http://goo.gl/forms/oFraX71NOG




Raffle Drawings will be on Friday’s starting this Friday, 4/29. We will draw several tickets each Friday until they are all gone. Raffle prizes are signif- icant and definitely worth trying your luck for!


Buy Tickets Here: https://rallyup.com/fsa-galaxy-glitchers/5BT6K4

Ticket Prices: 1 Ticket = $2 3 Tickets = $5 10 Tickets = $12 20 Tickets = $20

Thank you to everyone who supported our Burgerfi fundraiser last Friday evening!

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Boy Scout Eagle Scout Service Project

FSA Alumni Eemil Harkonen is building benches for the elementary school playground as his Boy Scout eagle project. The Eagle Scout Service Project is the opportunity for a Scout in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of his community. Eemil needs donations in order to acquire the materials for the benches. These benches will give teachers a place to sit while monitoring the elementary school students while they play. Any donations are greatly appreciated. There is a donation box in the front office for anyone willing to help by donating. Yours in Scouting, Eemil

MAP and ITBS testing dates and Bell schedules

Parents, please try and schedule any appointments outside our testing times.
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Locker Clean out News

Fourth through eighth grade students will be cleaning out their lockers on Friday, May 20th. All of the students’ belongings will need to be taken home on that day. Anything that the students bring to school the remaining days will be carried with them all day long. The students won’t really need much for the last week.

Students will be responsible for cleaning the outside and inside of their lockers. All students will be turning in their locks. There will be a $20 fee to replace any lock that is not returned.

No Clubs the last week of school

There will be NO CLUBs the last week of school, May 23 onwards, please plan to pick your student up at 3:30 pm. Any students remaining at school will be accommodated.

Students who regularly attend paid aftercare can continue to do so that week.

Summer Skills Work Books- another opportunity to order

Here is the website for the Summer Skills books we offered to our families in April http://www.summerskills.com/

"The Summer Skills™ books are three different series of review books (math, language arts and foreign language) for students from pre-k through high school. Each grade level book helps students maintain their academic skills over the summer months. Since their introduction in 1991, our books have benefited millions of students in over 15,000 schools nationwide."

Families are able to order directly from the website at the same rate we charged for in school orders. We recommend that students buy the workbooks for the grade level that they just finished.

Here is the link to the order page: http://www.summerskills.com/books

Private Lesson Music Recital this Sunday!

Recital Sunday, May 15th at 3 PM in Cafeteria

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early at 2:45 PM
  • Dress up!
  • Warm up before you come.
  • Get a good sleep and eat a good breakfast and lunch.
  • Don't forget to bow or curtsy after you perform.
  • If you need your music, don't forget to bring it!

Please Attend Summer Registration After the Recital, MAY 15TH AT 4:30 PM

Summer Private Music Lessons

Ukulele Camp

Classical Guitar Ensemble Camp

Contact Melinda Hubbell at(770) 402-2907 or mhubbell@fultonscienceacademy.org

Last Teacher Appreciation Lunch of the Year!

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce that 7th and 8th grade have the honor of sponsoring the last teacher appreciation luncheon of the school year on Monday, May 16th.

We ask that all parents participate either by cooking a dish, buying something, or donating $10.00 - $20.00 to buy items.

Please click this link to sign up. http://vols.pt/nRLD9s If you notice, there are also spots for volunteers to help receive dishes, set up, serve, and clean up!

It is valuable opportunity to serve the people that work so hard for our kids, and even get to know them better! If you chose to make a donation, please put cash (or check made out to FSA PVO) in an envelope and give to the front desk. DONATIONS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, May 13th (THIS FRIDAY).

  • One thing to note, we ask that if you purchase food, and can find something Halaal Kosher, please do so. If not, that is okay. If you cook something, and would like to have it considered kosher by the staff, they consider it kosher if the ingredients are kosher. It does not need to be prepared in a kosher facility.
  • Please label your dish as to what it is, whether it is vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, etc. Please be sure to label your container with your child’s name and homeroom teacher’s name so that it can be easily identified.
  • We are trying to arrange volunteers to work at carpool to receive the dishes on that Morning. If you are able or prefer, please feel free to bring your dish to the front desk!
  • Please feel free to call or email Amanda Crigler at amanda.crigler@gmail.com or Tamara Stevens atjustgyms@att.net if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Parent Volunteer Organization

CMP- The May Characteristic is RESPECT

Respect peoples feelings, even if it doesn't mean anything to you it means everything to them

Mini Carnival Games

We would like to thank all FSA students who participated in The Mini Carnival Games, from Ms. Pruett’s CMP class. All proceeds will go to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for donations. We had a competition between the girls and the boys in FSA to see who could raise the most money. The girls won with $70.42, and the boys contributed $28.31. We rewarded middle school FSA girls with a dress down day on Wednesday, May 4th. Thank you for your generosity!

Mrs. Peacock’s Adventures in Reading & Music Club – 2nd Grade

Puff the Magic Dragon – Lenny Lipton & Peter Yarrow

Puff is a magical dragon who Jackie Paper adores. They play together, using their imaginations, hopes and dreams. This book represents a child, whose favorite toy a friendly dragon, their adventures together, learning about life, love and friendship. Eventually we discover that Jackie Paper (like all of us), grows up and begins to play with other toys instead of Puff.

Students are able to relate to Jackie growing up; as well acknowledging Puff and his “feelings” of sadness as his friend slowly goes away as he becomes older. Eventually the story concludes with new friend, to create more laughter, life lessons and memories. Teaching us, there are always more friends to come, more adventures to have, and more life lessons to learn. Oh, and it’s okay to grow up!

This story is considered part of the Repetition section of books. Books found in this section all have some repeating sentences or phrases, rhymes or rhythms. Students are able to make educated guesses on what comes next in the story due to the fact that parts are repeated at regular intervals.

“Puff, the magic dragon, lived by the sea,

And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honalee.”

This club is designed for the young musician to recognize there is music in everything. Students are introduced to stories that turn magical when sound effects and musical lines are added. They are able to get their creative juices flowing while reading a simple story by improvising sounds through both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, voice, and body percussion. This club also encourages reading and creating sounds individually, with a partner and in a group environment. We also enjoy putting movements to our songs, stories and sounds. Most stories encourage not only musical growth, but also teaches important character traits like honesty, integrity, and friendship.

Mrs. Houston's Scientists

Mrs Houston was completely blown away by the dedication, creativity, and hard work that was put into the end of the year Science projects!!! She is so proud of her class and cannot believe they are almost fourth graders!

Attend School in Costa Rica - December 12-19, 2016

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Summer Camps

There will be three summer camps at our school this year. See websites below for more information and registration:

S.T.E.A.M. Camp


IDTech Camp


BioIgnite Summer Camp.


Private Music Summer Programs

Please Attend Registration After the Recital, MAY 15TH AT 4:30 PM

Summer Private Music Lessons

Ukulele Camp

Classical Guitar Ensemble Camp

Contact Melinda Hubbell at(770) 402-2907 or mhubbell@fultonscienceacademy.org for more information.

Summer Private Music Lessons

“Summer is a Good Time to Try an Instrument!”

June 6th- August 1st

(You choose: 8 weeks excluding the week of July 4th).

Teachers are available at different times throughout the 8-week Summer Program. If you are currently enrolled in the Private Music Lesson Program, check with your teacher regarding their particular availability. You may sign up for as many lessons as you would like over this period at $30 per lesson. If your teacher is not available for all, or part, of the summer, you may sign up with another.


Ukulele Camp, Joseph Kirkland, Conductor

June 6-17, $300

Meets Monday through Friday: 11-12:15, Lunch (not included), 12:45-2

“It's a blast and easy to learn how to play the ukulele!”

This instrument has become one of the most popular in the country! The camp is great for younger students because of the size of the instrument, but we welcome any age! Students will need a ukulele and extra strings. There will be a performance on the last day. (Ms. Hubbell may attend this camp because her husband gave her a ukulele a year ago and she would very much like to learn how to play it!)

Classical Guitar Ensemble Camp (It is after FSA STEAM Camp)

Joseph Kirkland, Conductor

July 11-22, $300

Meets Monday through Friday: 11-12:15, Lunch (not included), 12:45-2

Classical Guitar Ensemble Camp will give students the opportunity to learn the purist form of playing the guitar within a fun, group setting! This ensemble camp will utilize The Austin Classical Guitar Society’s Curriculum. This Curriculum is used worldwide and is the cutting-edge method for introducing students to solo, ensemble, and orchestral playing. There will be a concert on the last day.

The following topics will be covered:

· Technique - The proper way to pluck the strings, with minimal effort. The right hand fingers will be used in place of a pick allowing the students to play multiple parts at once.

· Form - The proper right/left hand positioning and overall posture to ensure comfortable playing and the production of clear tones.

· Balance - Students will develop the listening and musical skills required for balanced voicing and dynamic control.

· Reading - Students will learn to read rhythms and Treble Clef notation.

Students will need to bring their own guitars (nylon stringed acoustic or student classical guitars), extra strings and footstools.


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music out of London is an international education agency and recognized throughout the world for its excellence in music education. Fulton Science Academy Private School may be considered as a testing facility for an ABRSM Theory and Practical Exam Venue. Please see the website: www.abrsm.org/ for more information. This possibility will avail students to have increased access to this curriculum and education.. Students that pass Grade 6 are recognized as passing a college-level examination. Top-tier colleges, i.e. Yale, recognize ABRSM as a creditable music curriculum.

FSA Health Policy Reminder

It seems that cold and flu season is upon us and in full swing. We would like to remind you of our school policy regarding communicable illnesses and give you some helpful tips for staying healthy. We are beginning to see a lot of students at the front office with communicable illnesses and many of them mention that they were sick before leaving home, but their parents encouraged them to come to school. Please let me remind you that control measures and periods of exclusion are very important at a time like this in order to keep down the spread of these illnesses.

If we all follow these guidelines and simple steps, it will help to combat the spread of illness throughout our school and in your homes.

School guidelines regarding communicable illness:

1. The student should remain at home until being symptom free for 24 hours. This means that your child may not return to school until 24 hours from their last vomiting or diarrhea episode.

2. If the student experiences a fever during an illness, they should be “fever free” for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication before returning to school.

3. If the diagnosis is strep throat, the student should remain at home for 24 hours after starting the first dose of antibiotic treatment.

4. During any communicable illness, the student should be symptom free and fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child has the flu, they should provide a doctor's note stating they can return to school.


For the safety of our students:

School dismissal policy is that at 3:30 pm and 4:20 pm students are dismissed by carpool at the upper circle. Unless there is a family emergency, please do not expect to get your student from the front desk. If there is a family emergency please call the Administration Team, Principal Sener, or Assistant Principals Turan and Campbell, who will authorize pick up of your child during our no pick up times.

Any students waiting in the lobby without a parent will be sent up to Study Hall between 3:30 pm and 4:20 pm to be supervised, and from 4:40 pm -6 pm to After Care.

School closes at 6 pm, any students remaining will be under the care of staff waiting to go home.

If a parent is coaching a club or at a parent conference siblings or carpooling students need to be in Study Hall or After Care (no fee incurred).

If one student is in a club, or private music lesson, any additional siblings will be expected to follow the rule above (fee will apply after 4:40).

Academic Team members need to be picked up at 5:30 pm (unless otherwise directed by teachers). If not picked up they will be sent to After Care and the fee applied.

Pre-k and Kindergarten students (and any siblings or carpooling students) will continue to dismiss from the end of the elementary hallway.

Teachers ‘children need to use Study Hall or After Care unless directly supervised by their parent.

No student should ever be in an area of our school without adult supervision, cafeteria, stage, gym etc

Please respect our teachers and parent coach’s personal time as they work outside regular school hours with your students by picking up promptly.

This is our school policy and it will be adhered to.

General Information

parents of rising 7th graders

Georgia Department of Health Mandate:

All students born on or after January 1, 2002 and entering, advancing or transferring into 7th grade in Georgia need proof of an adolescent pertussis (whooping cough) booster vaccination (called “Tdap”) and an adolescent meningococcal vaccination (MCV4). Proof of both vaccinations must be documented on the Georgia Immunization Certificate (Form 3231).

Please submit to the front desk before Fall semester begins. Thank you.

PVO selling select Spirit wear

There is a limited amount of spirit wear t -shirts, both long and short sleeved, available!

Please ask at the front desk for styles, sizes and prices!

We also stilll have FSA mugs, hats, bags, and car magnets available for purchase.


Dear Parents,

We now have daily morning announcement videos on our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/FultonScienceAcademy

Every morning students watch video announcement in their homeroom classes.

If you like, check them out everyday as you are available on our Youtube Channel.

If you subscribe to our Youtube channel, then you will be notified whenever a morning announcement video is uploaded or a new school video is uploaded. Please see a sample morning announcement video below.

Fulton Science Academy Private School Morning Announcement Thursday May 5 2016

Summer 2016!


OPEN TO ALL GEORGIA GIFTED STUDENTS IN 1ST GRADE THROUGH 8TH GRADE.FSA S.T.E.A.M. Camp provides fun hands-on activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to develop new skills, expand creative thinking, and foster team building and new friendships.

FSA S.T.E.A.M. Camp is taught by an award winning staff, occurs in an easy two-weeks day camp format, and is designed to be both fun and full of learning!

Activities include Math Games, Hands-On Science Activities, Multi-Media Art Projects,

Robotics, Computer Programming, and 3D Animation.

Campers are divided into grade levels to better tailor activities, instruction,

supervision, and content for a more engaging and fun experience!



Since both sessions are identical and will include same content, families may choose either of the dates to register based on their availability.


This amount includes all materials, instruction, lunch, and snacks.

Each student will be given a certificate for the successful completion of

FSA S.T.E.A.M. Camp for the Academically Gifted

Registration: https://steamcamp.fultonscienceacademy.org

Bioignite Summer Camp

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Big image

On Going Programs


Dear FSA Families,

Our Annual Giving Campaign is well on its way and we would like for you to be a part of the giving. Our goal is 100% participation.

Please note that you may donate at any amount level. It is more important that you participate.

Please find the details here: http://fultonscienceacademy.org/giving-back/

Thank you for all you do.

Useful Information

Get my kidz shuttle

Our operations team have been reviewing the various requests received. Based on the requests, we are able to add vehicles in the requested areas below as we have over 10 interested parents in each area. With that, we are able to offer a special group rate of $250 flat fee for Fulton Science Academy parents! Below, here are the following areas that we are expanding to.

The special group rate will be for the following areas: Cumming, Suwanee, Duluth, Alpharetta

Please contact Get My Kidz Shuttle at info@getmykidzshuttle.com or 678-357-6797

Our website is www.getmykidzshuttle.com

A Reminder from the Front Office

Please do not send your child back to school within a 24 hour period following a fever or vomiting.

If a student has been absent from school sick they should not come back the same day for clubs or music lessons.


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Please check this website for detailed information and registration to FSA Band and Orchestra Program:


Since we have after school clubs till 4:20pm, the band and orchestra will start at 4:30pm to avoid possible conflicts with academic teams and club studies. Please check actual days and times on the website - http://www.dolceensemble.com


Dear Families,

We regularly update our accounts on social media. You may enjoy following our school on social media as well. Here are our links:



If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will receive notifications whenever we upload a new video.



Many of you are already following our Facebook page. If you are not yet following, all you need to do is to “Like" our Facebook page.



We post lots of pictures on our Instagram account. You will enjoy seeing new pictures every day.



So many of you have LinkedIn accounts. To get news about our school on LinkedIn, simply follow our schools’s LinkedIn page.



Twitter is a great way to get updated about school. Simply follow our school on Twitter to get recent tweets from our school.



If you click on Follow button on the right hand side, you will receive notifications when we post a new article.


Fulton Science Academy Private School Let's Go Green


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We have created a Remind account to keep our community informed and up-to-date with what is happening at our school.

By joining FSAPS remind, you will be receiving messages via push notifications, SMS, or e-mail. We recommend SMS option for our families and students.

We will use this tool as an addition to other communication tools we use at our school.

If interested, please click here to follow the instructions.

Fulton Science Academy Private School


Serving Advanced and Gifted Students

Pre-K through High School