JRB Family Newsletter

April 30, 2021

Almost One Month Back

We have been here now for almost a month with all of our Cohort A and B students working and playing together, and it has simply been remarkable. The kids have been doing well. They certainly needed a refresher on how to work together in such large groups, but each day we seem to inch closer and closer to what we used to know as normal.

We have also been so lucky to have great weather (mostly) and the cooperation from parents and staff has been great too.

If we are able to close the year with this same momentum, we will be in a great place when we return after the summer break.

Placement Letters for 2021-2022

Over the next few weeks, we will start to build tentative class lists for next fall. If you have any concerns for placement next year, please send an email to Mr. North (nnorth@awrsd.org) by May 17th. Specific teacher requests will not be granted. However, please feel free to share your child's learning style or concerns for peer relationships.

Bus Restrictions

Things have been going relatively smoothly on the bus rides to and from school. We do need to point out that you must ride your own bus to and from school. We are still not yet permitted to allow students to ride the bus to a friend's house even with a note.

Please Bring Water To School

As has been the case all year, we are asking that students bring a water bottle to school each day since the water bubblers are not in service this school year. We have had some warm days already, and only anticipate more of them, so bring that water in!


Please find the updated MCAS calendar below. We will be communicating with Cohort C families about the logistics of MCAS during the week after school vacation.
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4th Grade Rock Exploration

Mr. Stephen Coswell, a former J.R. Briggs Elementary student, donated a wonderful rock collection to the 4th Grade. The beautifully preserved collection was given to him as a child by his grandfather. This collection enhances the 4th graders’ science unit on Rocks and Minerals.

Many thanks to Mr. Coswell for his thoughtful donation. In the words of Bill nye, “Science rules!”.

Pooled Testing

We continue to complete Pooled Testing each week to provide as much information to families as possible. If you still wish to enroll your child, you can follow the link below.

Pooled Testing Consent for under 18 years of age.

The access code is atp-ashburnham.

Upcoming Dates To Know

Tuesday, May 4th- Spring Pictures

Thursday, June 17- Last day of school (1/2 day)

Staff Appreciation

The JRB PTA is looking for your help to show our appreciation for everything that the staff does for our kiddos on a daily basis. This has been a difficult year for everyone and the entire staff did an AMAZING job under very difficult circumstances. We will be hosting a BBQ lunch during Teacher Appreciation Week on 5/5. We have started a fundraiser in an effort to offset the cost of this lunch. Anything you might be able to donate would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your continued support of the JRB Staff and PTA!


Yearbooks are now on sale! Since we didn't have any events this year we need your help filling out some pages with remote learning pics. Click here for more information regarding orders, deadlines, uploading photos, and creating custom pages!

Email jbriggsyearbook@gmail.com with any questions.

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We continue to try to take you inside many of the activities happening at JRB.