All about me

Things that interest me by Frankie T.

My hobby

Ever since I was young, I've always had an influence on art and drawing. My brother was always drawing, and my god father is an artist in Italy, so I've always tried to draw and paint, so this year I want to try to do that more.


Another thing I do that I've been influenced by my family is every person in it has played an instrument. My brother plays piano and bassoon, my dad plays French horn, and my mom used to play piano. So, I've always felt the need to play something as well. Over the years I've played violin, cello, and currently I play piano and trumpet, I tried to get into the school band this year but I didn't get in but I'm still playing trumpet so I can get in next year.

My best friends

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My dad always says that I am the athlete of the family, (even though I'm really not) because I have done figure skating, track, and this year I have finished the season for volleyball, and want to join softball in the spring.

My family heritage

My mom grew up in a city called Torino, which is in the north a few hours from Milan, which makes me and my brother, 25% Italian, because her mom is Norwegian, and her dad is Italian. I was baptized in Italy, and my family and I visit there every year to visit my grand parents and uncle.