Art Studio News

2017-2018 Southside Elementary

The Art Studio Transitions to TAB!

What is T.A.B.?

TAB (also known as Teaching for Artistic Behavior) is a choice-based art education philosophy that is centered around the student.

Your Student + Their Creative Choices = TAB

This school year students will:

  • Explore different media and techniques
  • Discover the whole artistic process from preparatory sketches to writing artist statements
  • Create artwork centered on their process, their ideas, and their interests

How Does TAB Support Students?

The stages of artistic development follow the same sequence for every student, yet they do not happen at the same age for everyone. The stages in elementary students are as follows: Scribble Stage, Pre-Schematic Stage, Schematic Stage, The Gang Stage/Dawning Realism, and the PseudoNaturalistic Stage. For more information please visit:

TAB naturally differentiates learning, because students can learn and explore at their own pace. They don't have to worry about how their ideas compare to their peers. The curriculum responds to student needs and connects with their motivations.

TAB at every level guides children to think like artists. They become critical thinkers by implementing and working through their own ideas. When you look at their artwork with them, help them think about their process and reflect on the meaning behind the work. Ask them their interests, an experience, or an idea they wanted to express. You may ask:

  • What was your idea? Or what did you envision?
  • What did you want your artwork to show or express?
  • What was hard about this for you?
  • What did you like best about this process?

The artwork coming home is going to look different. For the younger students, it may be scribbles for a while! The depth of the work will increase over time. As they experiment and discover new techniques, students will no longer be afraid to take risks. Student creativity will evolve as they go through the learning process.

8 Studio Habits of Mind

TAB uses the following studio habits as guidelines for artistic discovery and growth:
  • Develop Craft
  • Engage and Persist
  • Envision
  • Express
  • Observe
  • Reflect
  • Stretch and Explore
  • Understand the Art World (make connections)

In the Art Studio we will discuss these and use them to reflect individually and as a class on what we have learned. Understanding these habits can lead to confidence in many areas.