Christmas Gift Ideas!

Do you need a few ideas for Christmas Shopping?....

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Beautycounter Products are SAFE and luxurious!

If your question is "What can I give this year, that is not only a treat, but ensures well-being as well?" Then Beautycounter is your answer - Our products are SAFE and free of any toxic chemicals. Take a moment to think of anyone on your list, and I can help you find a perfect fit for each: teachers, coaches, stylists, etc. - we even cover the basics for guys (Shampoo, Body Wash, Shave Cream, Hydrate Lotion & more!)

How to Order

Click on "Christmas Orders" and order right online!

Add items to cart, choose your shipping address (different if you need to hide), and enjoy $5 flat shipping no matter how large your boxes end up being!!

Beautycounter Consultant

You can always email me to help pick items for someone you have in mind - I have lots of favorites!!