Ernest Hemingway



1. Born in Oak Park, Illinois.

2. Had 5 siblings.

3. Served as ambulance unit for Italy in 1st world war.

4. Won Nobel Prize in 1954.

5. He was wounded in WW1.

6. Became a member of the group of expatriate Americans in Paris

7. First work was, "The Sun Always Rises".

8. Reporter during civil war in Spain.

9. Died in Idaho in 1961.

10. Liked fishing trout in Upper Michigan.

11. Owned multi-toed cats in Italy.

12. Died via. suicide.

13. Novels were about war, hunting, and fights.

14. Wife stopped him from committing suicide many times before 1961.

15. He and his wife are both burried in Idaho.

16. The city of Key West Florida has a look-a-like contest about Ernest Hem

ingway annually.

17. Reflects dissatisfaction for modern culture in his writing.

18. Was admired by Fidel Castro.

19. He was married 4 times.

20. He dedicated a book for each of his 4 wives.

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