Animal re-homing

If we can save animals so can you

Who is Faye Carey?

Faye Carey is a young woman who love animals. She really wanted to help take care of them. So she joined a business that save animals of any shape, size and type. They save over 60 animals a year. She was always on her feet and she never gave up on her job. She loved saving animals and every animal that came in the clinic they always got a really good home. When it was time for Faye to go there was still a dog that had not been adopted and she could not stand that at all.

What did she do about it?

So she started a facebook page about the dog and the dog got 300 likes and they found a safe loving family to take care of the dog. Faye Carey is very happy that the dog what she deserves and that the dog dog did not have to suffer.
Animal Re-home Waikato~ A Big Dream
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