Counseling Department Update

August 16 - September 16

This Month....

September 16th will mark one full month since school has started. Here are some of things we have been up to so far:

  • Personal Development: Ms. Jacobsen's personal development class has participated in team building activities to develop a safe and trusting environment. Students explore personal values, build leadership skills and develop greater empathy for others. Next the class will participate in lessons based on curriculum from Teaching Tolerance.

  • Career Exploration: Mrs. Greene completed the first unit called Getting to Know YOU. The students spent this time understanding their learning style (tactile, visual, auditory), evaluating their study habits and time management, and writing out their long and short term goals. The next unit will dive into Careers & Education, where students will explore the Colorado Career Cluster Model, take personal interest inventories and understand what level of education is required for various jobs.

  • Individual Counseling: Ms. Jacobsen and Mrs. Greene have met with a combined total of 78 students for individual counseling. Thank you teachers for using our referral link to notify us about students that you're concerned about! Please continue to do so that we can continue to keep track of students we need to check in with.

  • Newsletter: At the end of each month you will receive a short newsletter from us, "School Counselor's Voice", in which we share a self-care tip. August introduced self-care and friendship.

  • Staff: All staff received training on being Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect