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Attached is a report of the weeded reference section. These resources will be open to staff to put in their department libraries. Please do one of the following: review the list and indicate what you would like for your department, come down to look at the reference section during your planning or schedule a time after school.

Books will be set aside for the specific department and given to your department leader. Staff will have until December 18th to make their selections (if any) for their department.

Weeded Reference Report


To stay with past practice, please do not send your classes down to the Learning Commons with substitute teachers. Students are not being adequately monitored and technology is being misused. Thank you for your understanding.


Tech Tip:

Did you know ROHS has these sweet resources for your students?!? Contact me and we can work them into what you already do.

>>>Did You Know Video (extended)

Submitting Tech Tip Topics:

Help me out and submit a tech tip topic that you would like to see. Be specific and keep it simple. Thank you!

>>>Tech Tip Topic Submission

Learning Commons Website:

Checkout the new website with lots of digital resources! Enter your school email to subscribe to the blog for helpful tech advice!


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There have been some issues with students being blocked from YouTube videos. Oakland Schools has made an adjustment to allow teachers to be able to approve videos before sharing with students. A blue bar at the bottom of the video will show up to prompt for approval. However, teachers need to have a Google Classroom set up in order for this to work. See me if you have questions.

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This is information from the board office. This option has been opened to teachers to look up Student MiStar passwords.

  1. New Applications
  2. Enrollment
  3. Reports
  4. Student Connect Passwords
  5. Create or Export Report


Discovery Education:

Royal Oak school district renewed Discovery Education for 2015/2016 school year. If you are NEW to Discovery Education watch the video below and use this passcode



Gale Databases:

Check out all of the awesome databases ROHS! If you need help integrating them into your classroom contact me!

Username: royaloak

Password: ravens


Teaching & Learning Specialist

Need instructional technology assistance?

Want to integrate technology into your lessons and not sure what to do? Know what to do, but would like someone to help teach it with you? Just want to sit down one-on-one with someone? Contact Alyssa Reimold for assistance! : ]