Language Arts with Ms. Sommer

What's New for September?

A Little About Me and this Flyer

Greetings! My name is Danielle Sommer and I will be your child's Language Arts teacher this year. My purpose in sending this newsletter is to maintain communication with parents and guardians to keep you all in the know regarding what will generally be going on within the LA classroom each month.

I'm in my second year of teaching at Parkside, and looking forward to a successful year with many positive relationships being established between now and May. I hope to motivate students to push themselves above and beyond what they might assume are their limitations, and grow intellectually.

Aside from being a teacher, I am also a student currently working on completing my master's degree in reading education so I may qualify as a reading interventionist/literacy coach in the future.

Please contact me via email or school phone with ANY questions or concerns throughout the year. Open communication with you is important to me.

8th Grade Units

  • The Power of Inspiration, Motivation, and Dreams
  • Career Exploration and the Value of Work
  • Reading The Outsiders and Understanding Belonging/Identity
  • Reading Totally Joe (3rd part of The Misfits series; alternative assignments are made for opting out)
  • The Struggles of Human Civil Rights
  • Informative Research Paper
  • Multiple Genre Study via Short Fiction
  • Creative Narratives and Figurative Language
  • Preparing a Speech

**Vocabulary, grammar, and practice of writing/reading skills will be blended within all units**

My Basic Expectations and Classroom Policies

During our first class together, I discussed my basic expectations with each group of students. They have read and/or listened to this, but I chose not to do the typical parent signature of a syllabus for the sake of paper waste. If you are interested in reading my basic expectations and procedures, you may click the link to this document:
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