Student Tech Bytes

October 5, 2021

Digital Citizenship

It's Digital Citizenship Month in PUSD! Play a Time to Climb Game to celebrate!

Beware of the “Devious Licks” Tik Tok Challenge

The Devious Licks Tik Tok challenge may sound like fun, however, it requires vandalism and/or theft and can come with serious consequences right now and in your future. The challenge asks students to brag on Tik Tok about the school equipment they have stolen, damaged or vandalised and to post videos on social media as proof of one’s “lick” (theft).

Tik Tok has already banned the videos, and has pointed out that posting such videos is in direct violation of their Community Standards. In addition to being a violation of Tik Tok’s Community Standards, the actions are in direct violation of the PUSD Student Code of Conduct as published in the 2021-2022 Parent Student Handbook and can result in suspension, restitution, possible expulsion from school, and potential referral to law enforcement.

If those consequences weren’t severe enough, participating in the Devious Licks challenge could have serious repercussions on a student’s future as well. Your digital reputation is very important. Many colleges and universities and future employers look at your social media when making decisions around acceptance or hiring. What you put online leaves a digital footprint that can be traced, even when deleted. What you post now, could be used against you later.

Digital Citizenship is just as important as being a good citizen in the physical world. Always remember to treat the virtual world as if it were real and leave a good impression just as you would in the outside world. A good digital citizen is one who knows what is right and wrong, exhibits intelligent technology behavior, and makes good choices when using technology. Don’t let the poor choices of others compromise who you are and your future.

If you know of anyone who is participating in the Devious Licks challenge, please report them to a school official. The vandalism that can occur with the challenge may cause a loss of available bathrooms, a loss of the ability to practice sanitation designed to keep COVID 19 exposure down and could result in cell phone usage during school hours to be even more restricted.

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