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nile river

The nile river is 4160 miles long from its remotest headstream in central africa to its delta on the mediterranean sea.The river flows through egypt,sudan,ethiopia,kenya,uganda,rwanda,burundi and and zaire.In the nile river you can go bunji jumping above the could also go rafting on top of the river.


Madagascar is separated from the east African coast by the Mozambique channel.

its is the 4th biggest island on could take tours to see animals and other things too.The best part is you get to stay in the nice villas

great rift valley

the valley ranges from elevation from 1300 ft below sea level.

The cliffs are about several thousand ft tall.while there you could go bunji jumping of of the cliffs.

you can get to go rock climbing to a certain point on the rocks

Sahara desert

the Sahara desert is the world largest desert with 3,500,000 square miles.

it also has the harshest climate with really hot and really cold could take tours to see what there and what life is could go sand surfing while in the desert.