what to do for a job interview


are you prepared?

  • are you prepared to work 24/7
  • are you going to get there early
  • do you have anything else before starting a job
  • can you do everything that they are expecting you to do

ask yourself are you going going to get paid well for life ?

  • think about how much per hour
  • is that enough for you and your family
  • will that be enough for living

do not do anything bad that will not let u be it !!!

  • you should always show you can do it
  • show them your really positive
  • don't let out any bad language
  • show them you can accomplish it

what to wear on a interview?

  • you should be dressed up good
  • do not go on lazy cloths
  • dress appropriate
  • wear something elegant

why do you want to do that instead of something else?

  • are you going to be doing your work or not
  • are you going to be responsible
  • are you going to be distracted

ask your self questions?

  • are you good in it
  • can you accomplish it
  • do you like it
  • are you willing to do it every day