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December 2, 2015


This week in math we will finish up division and begin exploring how to figure out an unknown whole number in multiplication and division equations. This is an important skill needed for algebra. Students will be exposed to variables and strategies to solve for unknown numbers. Division will be assessed on Wednesday.

English Language Arts (ELA):

This week in grammar, we are continuing to learn about adjectives and their functions in sentences.

In reading, we are completing a few task using informational texts. I am also assessing reading levels. As we begin completing levels, I'll be sure to contact you to let you know where your child's new level is and how you can support their continued growth.

We are working towards completing our first informational writing. Students are completing a booklet, on their expert topic.

Social Studies:

In social studies, we are learning about the contributions of the West African slaves to the culture and economy of South Carolina. Students are learning how and why slavery was brought to the colony of Carolina and how the cash crops, indigo and rice, made South Carolina one of the riches colonies.


This week in science, we are exploring processes that change Earth's landscape. We have some fun investigations and we are loving using MysteryScience to discuss our learning.

General Reminders:

  • Please help students remember to have all their materials. It is a lot of responsibility.

Quizzes at a Glance

Wednesday - Division Assessment

Upcoming Events:

  • Ice Cream - Monday & Wednesday

  • Thursday, Dec. 3rd - Red PE Club

  • Friday, Dec. 4th - Terrific Kid Program

  • Dec. 7th - 11th - Reindeer Shop

  • Tuesday, Dec. 8th - Muffins with Ms. Myles

  • Thursday, Dec. 10th - PTO Meeting 5:30pm

  • Friday, Dec. 11th - Parent's Night Out

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