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October 2020

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Principal's Message

It's hard to believe that we are already into the month of October! Though the weather might be turning a little cooler, I truly hope that studies are warming up for our students. We want to encourage our students to engage in both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Course content is progressing as we end the first quarter of school. Please be sure to check your child’s progress on Schoology or contact your child’s teacher regarding assignments.

I want to thank you for your continued support and wish you and your family good health as you continue to navigate during these unique times. Administrators, teachers, and support staff are all here to help if there is anything we can do to support your experience with remote learning.

The one thing we can count on is that our Huskies remain steadfast and our passion endures. We are a strong, proud, and resilient community! I look forward to the day when we all return together, it will be with a greater sense of belonging and a renewed perspective on all of the values that make Herget a special place.


Ms. Larry



Happy Fall Herget Families!

The Math department has been working diligently to help refresh the students’ memories of all of the math they know. Since math builds on previous skills and knowledge, all of the math teachers have spent varying amounts of time during this first quarter reviewing previously learned concepts. Math is not a spectator sport so students will need to do their best to continue practicing these skills, despite the challenges involved with remote learning. We will persevere together and we are here to help!

Sixth-grade math classes are emphasizing all math operations with positive whole numbers, fractions, and decimals and will also be working on integer operations. Seventh-grade classes are reviewing integers and working on following the order of operations and solving equations. Pre-Algebra classes are writing and solving equations. Algebra classes are also practicing the foundational skill of writing solving equations with variables on both sides and finally, geometry classes have been introduced to the foundations of geometric notation and proofs. Before moving on to learning about angle concepts.


The 6th graders are continuing to study the property of matter. They will be investigating how molecules act in solids, liquid, and gases. They will also explore particle motion with evaporation, condensation, melting, and freezing.

In 7th grade, students will learn the difference between potential and kinetic energy. A variety of computer simulations and lab demos will allow students to investigate how energy is converted from potential to kinetic energy. Students will also create a skate park online and share their designs to show that they understand how energy is converted from potential to kinetic energy.

8th graders will study information from the ecosystems unit. They will learn the specific needs of living things and how they depend on nonliving factors. Also, students will discover how living things can change due to available resources, population size, and competition. Some hands-on ways that students will learn these concepts are constructing mini terrariums and designing their biome.

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ELA is starting the year off in all grade levels working with literary elements using short stories. Your child will be shown plot structure, including exposition (character, setting, and conflict), rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. We will also be working with character analysis, setting, and theme. Other literary devices, such as figurative language, mood, and tone, will also be discussed. All students have been participating in breakout rooms to get small group practice on plotting a story.

All grade levels are working with Townsend Press for vocabulary and may be using online platforms like Quill or NoRedInk for grammar. Other tools like Jamboard, Kahoot, and Padlet may have also been used to increase the opportunities for student participation and provide students an opportunity to show what they’ve been learning.


Level A classes are off to a great start! Students have been learning how to greet others and have a basic introductory conversation. Recently, students played the "Unfair Game" with their classmates on Zoom and it was a big hit to review everything they have learned so far.

Level B classes are currently reading a novel called Poor Anne (in their respective languages). The novel is a good way to review concepts learned in seventh grade and introduce a few new things before moving on to our first unit of the year.

Heritage Spanish A is currently studying identity which ties in well with the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15-October 15. They are exploring their own identity and finding it is a great advantage to be bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural!

Heritage Spanish B is working on a unit to study the environment and human interactions. The unit started off with studying pollution and waste and now is moving into the study of endangered species.


Our 7th and 8th grade CTE students are hard at work navigating through the world of work and careers using Naviance. Naviance is new to middle school this year; it gives students opportunities for self-discovery and to reflect and develop skills that will help guide them to successful and fulfilling careers. Naviance will travel with our students as they progress through high school giving students a consistent college and career readiness curriculum and activities.

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Greetings parents! We hope many of you had the opportunity to attend the virtual back to school night. The social studies teachers look forward to this school year and getting to know your students. We would like to take this opportunity to give you a quick recap of what is happening at each grade level.

6th Grade World History - Most students have successfully logged into their online textbook! This was quite an accomplishment. If your student is still struggling to log in, please have them message their teacher through Schoology so that we can get that worked out. Please make sure that students are checking into their World History Schoology page every day. Here they will find the Zoom class information, online textbook link, daily assignments, and other valuable resources that will help them to be successful. More importantly, if your child is struggling with the Social Studies 6th grade content...we offer EXTRA help EVERY DAY for ALL 6th grade Social Studies students 2:30-3:45 using this Zoom link and password. Zoom link - https://sd129.zoom.us/j/2906393932 Password - Olsen

7th Grade Global Studies - We have begun work on our first big project for the year. Students have chosen a country to research for their Culture project. Most of the work on this project will be done in pieces as we cover the material in class. This project will span into December with a completion date and presentation before winter break. Please make sure that students are checking into their Global Studies Schoology page every day. Here they will find the Zoom class information, daily assignments, and other valuable resources that will help them to be successful. More importantly, if your child is struggling with the class content, we offer EXTRA help EVERY DAY for ALL 7th grade Social Studies students 1:10-1:45 using this Zoom link and password. Zoom link - https://sd129.zoom.us/j/9523584464 Password - Curgino

8th Grade Civics/US History - 8th grade has started out this year with a new curriculum on civics. Students have been learning about the foundations of our government and the big ideas that the founding fathers thought of while creating our government. The unit is finishing up with students thinking about how does the Constitution impact us today? Please make sure that students are checking into their Civics/US history Schoology page every day. Here they will find the Zoom class information, daily assignments, and other valuable resources that will help them to be successful. If you need help, we offer EXTRA help EVERY DAY for ALL 8th grade Social Studies students 1:50 - 2:20, use Zoom link https://sd129.zoom.us/j/4102544658, and the password is Stancati.


In Physical Education, students are being introduced to a new online workout program, called PLT4M. Each student creates their own account, in class. One or two workout programs are assigned per week, to be completed on Asynchronous days. Students watch individual videos on how to perform an exercise, then students will complete that exercise in a designated workout. There are usually five to seven videos, with individual workouts for each. When the kids are done with a video and workout, they push the done button and it is recorded. Have your student take you through the program and a workout, to see what it is all about!

Once a week students are being taught SEL (social, emotional learning) lessons. Topics already introduced are: creating S.M.A.R.T Goals, Stress Management, Self-Awareness, Conflict Resolution, and Healthy Relationships. Many more beneficial topics will be covered throughout the quarter. Other lessons the students have been introduced too: How to Take Your Pulse, Calculating Target Heart Rates, Live Workouts with the PE Dept., Mindfulness (stress-free meditation), and Workout Logs. An activity coming soon, Yoga!!

The PE department is available for scheduled Zoom meetings every afternoon, from 1-3:30 p.m. to help students with questions, concerns, and complete assignments.


All students are busy drawing in their sketchbooks everyday! I am proud of all the students who have shown great resilience during this interesting time. They're doing great!

We are currently exploring the principles and elements of Art & Design. We started off with Line and are embarking on color in all classes! We are emphasizing differentiation of line thickness and using colors to convey emotions. Students have been working in their new sketchbooks!. They are using lines to create shapes and patterns with an emphasis on complementary colors. Key concepts are: Symmetry, Warm/Cool colors, Pattern, and Value. Next week we are starting to learn about marketing/advertising concepts in graphic art (candy logo design, layout...etc.)

Information about art club will be pushed out soon! So keep an eye open.


Mr. Skly / Herget Art



Book pick up is now available at Herget’s library! Students can place books on hold in Destiny! We will notify the student when the book is ready. Book pick up and drop off is Monday-Friday, 8:15 am-3:45 pm. Pull around back to Door 40 and we will run the book(s) out to your car:)

Sora and Destiny login:

Username: ID#

Password: student’s birthday (mmddyyyy)


Fall weather is finally here, and we are proud to report that our Herget Band members have risen to the challenge of online learning!

Music + Theory = Success

6th graders have mastered a variety of notes and rhythms, working together as a team to prepare for their first day with their new instruments. They are learning to translate how they counted rhythms in elementary school into a new way of counting rhythms for band.

Building on the Fundamentals

7th graders are learning advanced rhythms and have analyzed several unique videos. Their favorite (so far) features a Carnegie Hall Orchestra performing for a wide variety of “volunteer conductors” outdoors in New York City. (Interested? Here’s the link: https://improveverywhere.com/2013/09/24/conduct-us/) Our Herget student will complete a conducting unit during 2nd semester. Who knows? We could have future leaders of the Blackhawk Marching Band in our class at this very moment!

Above and Beyond

8th graders have learned a jazz improv solo in our song Rock America and soon will explore our next piece, Spy Chase. All of our advanced students are working on individualized Band Projects on a variety of popular music. Soon our band parents will enjoy hearing songs from groups as diverse as Journey, the Weeknd, American Authors, Michael Jackson, and the musical Hamilton. Life in band is always interesting!

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This fall our athletic program changed to an intramural model where Herget only participated with their own athletic teams. Because of the changes made football was moved to a February start date, more information will be sent out about football as we get closer to that date. This fall athletes in cross country, 6th/7th/8th volleyball, 6th co-ed soccer, and 7th/8th boys soccer focused on building their skills in their particular sport. Each day our coaches challenged our athletes to improve even though they were not participating against other schools.

Wrestling conditioning is now open for online registration. This conditioning will help wrestlers build their strength and stamina. Boys’ basketball for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and cheer spirit camp information will be sent out mid-October. This year we will be allowing 6th graders to participate in our cheer spirit camp. All athletes must be registered online at https://il.8to18.com/herget and must have an up to date sports physical on file in order to participate. Registration and information on any Herget sport are sent out about a month in advance of the start of the season through Schoology and the Herget athletic website (https://il.8to18.com/herget). You can also follow our athletic program on Twitter @athleticsherget.


Early Morning Choir and Harmonix: The Herget Early Morning Choir is up and running. Currently, we are working on 4 songs with the hopes of presenting those via virtual choir videos soon. This group is open to all Herget students and meets every Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM. If you are interested in joining the choir, you still can. Contact Dr. Glogowski for more information. In addition, the Harmonix advanced choir is working hard and has already created a virtual choir performance of “Take Me Home” performed by the Pentatonix, which can be found here https://youtu.be/tI0hzGUPObc. Ukulele Club: This club is open to all Herget students and will start meeting every Wednesday after school 3:45-4:30. We will play through songs using chords and strumming. Due to the given current situation, you must have access to a ukulele to patriciate. However, no experience or skills are needed. Depending on the student interest and participation a virtual performance recording could be created in the future. Contact Dr. Glogowski for more information.
2020-21 HMS Harmonix Take Me Home


State of Illinois Health Requirements

This is a reminder for sixth graders and new students. Physical exams and Immunization are due by October 15, 2020. Parents of any student missing proof of a 6th grade Illinois physical exam form or Illinois required immunization will receive a letter regarding possible exclusion. Please drop off documents in the main office for the nurse.

We are all pioneers as we pilot this new start to our school year. Although most of our students are participating in e-learning and a few students are in-person learning; Herget Huskies continue to practice following our Illinois state emergency health guidelines.

Please keep safe and continue to follow three “W”’s: Watch your distance. Keep 6ft between you and another person; if you are within 6ft with or without a mask you could be exposed to the COVID 19 virus. Wash your hands frequently for at least twenty seconds. Wear a cloth face covering/ mask to protect yourself and others from airborne droplets.

Also, don’t forget to get your flu vaccine. Take care of yourself and don’t hesitate to contact your school nurse if you have any questions; we can be reached at 630-301-5240.


Hello Herget Huskies,

Can you believe it is October already? My name is Jana Dukes, and am the math interventionist here at Herget. I have the privilege of working with all the students at Herget in some way. This year during asynchronous time, I am offering math help to any student at Herget Middle School. Whether you are in 1-1 or geometry, I would love to work with you. I offer:

  • Homework Help

  • Quiz/Test Prep

  • Extra practice in any math skill

If you ever need help in math, just sign up for a time to work with me.

Click the blue box below to sign up:


As we navigate our remote learning circumstances, which are new to all of us, please partner with us. We appreciate the efforts of parents and other interested family members to support their students during our current remote learning environment. However, it is important to remember that classrooms are for students and that parental participation in synchronous lessons, meetings, or chats, is distracting for both the teacher and the students. We ask that parents refrain from involving themselves in real-time lessons and, if they have any questions, please contact the teacher directly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


I wish I had a magic wand for you! I know virtual learning has presented so many challenges for everyone! From getting technology to work to understanding the technology and platforms, completing assignments, getting used to the schedule, figuring out how to manage economic burdens this has caused and the list could go on…we are completely out of our comfort zone and this hard!

We appreciate all the efforts that are taking place in your homes! We are left with the question of, “How do we collectively come together to support each other through such a drastic shift from normal?” I wish I had a specific answer to this but I know we are all in this together. I think it is our collective job to instill hope, foster intentional connections, and help each of us flex our resiliency muscles. When we need help we need to ask! I realize the last thing you need is more information to read but I would like to provide a list of resources that you may find helpful as we continue to support our students learning and social-emotional needs.

National Mental Health and Healthcare Resources:

1. https://www.crisistextline.org/

2. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org

3. SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (English/Spanish)

4. https://HealthCare.gov provides specific information about coverage options in your state, including private options, high-risk pools, and other public programs (800-318-2596)

Other resources:

https://kidshealth.org/ provides information on a variety of topics for parents, kids, and teens


HMS Brain Break Room

Apps to Help with Stress and Anxiety

1. Calm

2. Headspace

3. Stop, Think, Breathe

Your school social worker and school psychologists are here to support you!

Jessica Brummel, social worker; jbrummel@sd129.org

Eileen Pugsley, school psychologist; Eileen.pugley@sd129.org

Tien Banh, school psychologist; tien.banh@sd129.org (at Herget part-time)

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