Adesse PRIDE!

Now in our 36th Year!

Putting Revenue Into DAWG Education!

It has been awesome to watch the growing support of our DAWGS Football team this fall as they continued their quest in the post-season. Their theme of ‘PRIDE’ extended across social media with a great following--over 5,800 viewings of a single post on Facebook (the picture shown here on the left).

Now it is time to use that same enthusiasm and support our DAWGS in the classroom!

It is time for Adesse 2019. Adesse is Latin for ‘Support’ and this is the 36th year that we’re asking for your support of Aquin in the classrooms. Adesse is a daily cash drawing in which winners receive $25, $50 or $250. Aquin families sell the tickets from Thanksgiving through the beginning of January. We offer an ‘Early Bird Discount’ on tickets sold through December 2 when single tickets are just $20. On December 3rd, tickets are $25 each, or 5 for $100 (if all purchased at the same time).

Our annual goal is $30,000 in profit. These funds go toward expenses in the classrooms--like books, desks and internet--as well as the ‘unseen’ expenses--like heat, electricity and maintenance. Our DAWG staff is resourceful, dedicated and committed to offer a quality education in our buildings. Recent alumni are currently chiropractors, architects, engineers, lawyers, teachers, military personnel, tradespeople, imagineers at Disney and so much more. They’re giving back to their communities and returning to tell us how much their Aquin education prepared them for their futures.

Please keep this legacy going strong by supporting Adesse

and keeping Aquin PRIDE alive in Freeport!

Big picture

Our 36th year--awarding over $400,000 in winnings!

So how do you get a ticket for this lottery that has better odds of winning than any Illinois Lotto ticket?

It’s very easy. Tickets are available at either Aquin campus office or from any Aquin family!


November 18-December 2 . $20 donation earns a single ticket

December 3-January 16 . $25 donation earns a single ticket

November 18-January 16 . $100 donation earns 5 tickets


$25 CASH: Monday-Friday Winners ♦

$50 CASH: Saturday and Sunday Winners ♦

PLUS 1 Early Bird Winner on November 25--and--1 Early Bird Winner on December 2!

$250 CASH: 8 Holiday Winners ♦

(New Year’s Day, Leap Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day)

After ticket sales are complete, we put all of the Adesse tickets in our big barrel and the fun begins. We draw a name for each day of 2020. Each time you win, your check will come to you in the mail, and your winning ticket will be put back in the barrel to be pulled again--January 1 through December 31--no matter how often your name is drawn as a winner.

Tickets are available November 18 from any Aquin family or:

♦ St. Thomas Campus . 1400 Kiwanis . 815.232.6416

♦ St. Joseph Campus . 202 West Pleasant . 815.232.6416

♦ Junior-Senior High . 1419 South Galena . 815.235.3154 x 224

Adesse is Latin for ‘support’.

We thank you for your support--and can’t wait to send you your daily prizes!

Tickets with Students on Monday!

Every Aquin student--preschool-grade 12--will be given 5 tickets on Monday to bring home to sell. If you would like more than 5 tickets, please email with the amount of tickets you would like and the student's name and we will take it from there. Please sell the tickets and then send the stub and the payment to either Aquin office. Tickets will not be entered into the Early Bird drawing if not paid in full.

Church Sales Assignments

We have scheduled church sales by grade. This means that there is an opportunity to sell Adesse tickets at every Mass at our supporting parishes from this weekend of November 23-24 through the weekend of December 14-15. Reminders with the complete schedule will be emailed and posted on Facebook at the beginning of each week. If you are able to cover one of your child's class assignments, please email me by Thursday of that week. An email will go out on Friday morning listing the openings available to anyone. (The list at right is not updated for this year yet. Just using it as a sample.)

NOTE #1: If you are selling after a Mass, be certain to let us know and to ALSO let the priest at the Mass know BEFORE the Mass begins.

NOTE #2: A separate email with the assignments will be coming via email shortly!