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Overview of Holocaust

The holocaust started in 1933 with the rise of Adolf Hitler's power by the persecuting of Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, the disabled, and others. Those victims were forced into the Ghettos, terrorized in anti Jew riots, had their property seized, and finally sent to concentration camps.

Definition/Background Information

Nazis believed that all the victims were "radically superior" and that all of them were deemed "inferior". They also thought they were an alien threat to the so called racial community. For 11 months 4,500,000 innocent people were killed and 1,500,000 children were killed. By the end of World War 2, over 6,000,000 Jews were killed. Those who survived the concentration camps were released and sent out of hiding.

Original Research Question

Anne Fischer; survived from Czechoslovakia and left to die by the Nazi soldiers in the Bergen- Belsen camp, only to be recovered and reunited by her sister.

Solomon Perel; A teenaged Jewish refugee from Poland who escaped capture by posing as a non- Jewish German and joining the Hitler youth.


" I often wonder what this world would be like if those 6 million had never perished". - frank towers. This quote is powerful because the world would be changed because of those 6 million people because they could've lived and had a great life. Especially the children because, they didn't deserve to die.


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