Digital Technology on Careers

Kawthar , Jordan , Chloe , Tyrell

1)Health science (doctors)

Doctors had to communicate with patients face to face if there is a topic they need to go over.Doctors can now use social media and other communication tools to reach a wider range of patients.

2)Information Technology (Graphic Artist)

Graphic designers use not to have websites to do their work on they did hand work now Graphic designers rely on powerful software to get their jobs done.

3)Hospitality and tourism(Room service attendant )

people had to come to the office and order their rooms now they just call and back then used to be so much work and now all they have to do is just call.

4)Agricultural,food ,and Natural resources (Embryo technologist)

embryo technologists use to have not give enough information for the baby when a pregnant woman is coming now they can give more detail because there are new technology have been made through the years.

5)Education and training (Teacher)

Teachers use to give out tests in paper and grade them in paper now some teacher still do that and some teacher use the internet to save time also back then teachers had to use hand board for everything now teachers don't have to there are boards that can connect to the computers .

6)Arts,A/V technology, and communication (video technician )

back then people did not have much tools to edit their videos and make them look good now there are many tools for cutting,skipping,editing and more stuff you can do for videos.

7)Marketing, sales ,And service(Manager)

a manager back then used to have so many work and all of it has to be hand work and have to take care of a big place now managers use Planning in computers ,Controlling.


the actuary job is all about calculating back then they had simple calculators now they have new and more stuff you can search for in a calculator and now they also have different websites with more information about calculating.

9)Architecture and construction (urban)

Urban's use to not have good tastes in music because they did not have good tools for music now urban can try so many tools for music and travel to a lot of places of music tools

10)Government and public administration (Planner)

It was hard for planners to plan everything down on paper and go to face to face people and tell them their plan and everything now they can write down everything on computers faster and Email people and plans and stuff.

11)Human service (Nail Technician)

Nail technician's used to do all of their work in hand now they still do but they also could have technology for this job that they did not have long time ago like a electric nail drill machine.

12)Transportation, distribution, and logistic (sales manager)

It was hard for sales managers because technology was very old there was not much to use technology now there can't be a sales manager without using technology, now they use it for money and keeping up with their team.

13)Science ,Technology, Engineering and mathematics (Technical writer)

Everything Back then for a technical writer had to be at paper or an old type of typing now they can type it's better and saves time .

14)Law,public safety and security (Police officer)

Police didn't use technology like they do now they didn't use technology to fight crime now they do and they also track down people with a lot of technology.

15)Manufacturing (assemblers)

right now people have technology to search anything or how to fix anything assemblers now have these stuff to search when there fixing or putting together a tool back then they had nothing they had to find these stuff from large books.

16)Business, management, and administration (Auditor)

Auditors had to have so many people working an a office for organization risks management process and now they are looking more seriously at technology as a way to improve productivity and the organization risks management process.