It's PURPLE week!

Hostess Coaching Tips to get your Trunk Shows to $1,000+!

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Every day I will have tips and a challenge for you!

Yesterday we kicked off a fun week of PURPLE! What's PURPLE???? It's getting YOUR shows to $1000 in sales and maximizing all the rewards for YOU and your hostess!!!! We have SO MANY shows right now in the system that we need to capitalize on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!

What can $1000 give your hostess and you?
- $250+ FREE and 4 half off items for your hostess!!!!
- $250+ CASH for YOU! *for 2-3 hours of work!!!

My goal is to always get a show to PURPLE! It may not always happen AT the show, but I work hard before and after for outside orders as well.

The first step....INVITING enough girls! Typically only 1/3 of girls attend a show! SO the MORE your hostess invites the better odds she will get at least 10 or more girls there! The BEST way to invite...the INVITE SYSTEM! Hands down, it works!!! If you are having low turnouts at shows, it could be because you aren't using the invite system. Don't rely on FB events!!!! Take charge and explain to the hostess it is your job to help her get the most attendance at her shows!

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Read about Day 2 on our Facebook page and enter to win a pair of Nancy Studs!!

Visit our Facebook page here to see Day 2 and the challenge! I will email the summary of Day 2 tomorrow, but the challenge will be over, so hop on our FB page here now!

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