The Space Race

Why was Space Travel Important to the U.S.A?

The Importance of Space travel, and why it was such a big deal

Over the past 50 years America has advanced in so many different ways, and achieved many great accomplishments. One of America's greatest achievements was Space Travel. Other then the Soviet Union, America was one of the first countries to successfully complete a space mission. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people ever to set foot on the moon, and since this first moon landing only 10 more people successfully landed on the moon. America has every right to be proud of this great accomplishment, because having the technology and smarts to get to the moon as a big deal!

How the Space Race Paralleled with the Cold War

During the Cold War the Soviet Union and America were in a battle to build bigger and better technology. During the Cold War the in 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite and America responded a year later by launching there own satellite. Over the course of this 44 year Cold War the Soviet Union and America rushed to build more satellites, better technology, and even hope of getting to outer space. The Soviet Union was the first country in space, but the U.S.A responded by not only getting to outer space but by walking on the moon.