The truth about us

By: Janet Gurlter


This book is about a poor guy falls in love with a rich girl and they have by a really bad situation. Flynn and Jess are from two totally different worlds. Jess can have anything she wants without any trouble. Expected her normal family back. Flynn has to work for everything that he wants. He has to go to the local shelter for food. Flynn and Jess started to date because they really like eachother but when they did everyone didn’t want them together they thought that they were just going to ruin each other's lives.But in the end Jess and Flynn end up together


Jess- The rich innocent girl- Main charter

Flynn- The bad boy with a messed up family- Jess Friend/ Boyfriend

Wif- Sassy 80-year-old with the love for Rhea-Best friend

Nance- The really bad girl only looks for money and boys-Old best friend

Penny- Really innocent -Old/new best friend

5 Events in the story

  1. Jess meets Flynn on her way home when Flynn friend Braxton offers a ride home.Because he likes Jess.

  2. Jess has to volunteer at the local homeless shelter because her got caught drink under the age.

  3. Jess meets Flynn again when she goes to the local homeless shelter

  4. Jess meets Wif an old donationer when she asks to go to the greenhouse

  5. Jess goes to wif’s funeral