Raider Report

What's New In PBIS - September/October Issue

So What is PBIS??

PBIS is a school-wide system that provides clear expectations for behaviors, and consistent consequences for inappropriate behaviors, across all classrooms and across all school settings. Posters in classrooms, bathrooms, hallways and the cafeteria describe what it means to be respectful, responsible and safe here at BMS. Students are rewarded for displaying positive behaviors throughout the school day. By rewarding positive behaviors and by explicitly teaching our students to engage in these behaviors, we will foster a positive and safe learning environment. We are excited to have such a dedicated and positive staff, who are excellent role models throughout the school year.

Students of the Month!!

Students of the month are featured on a hallway bulletin board display, and receive an additional 5 green tickets for their awesomeness. Congratulations to our September and October students of the month!!


Grade 8 - Desiree Amaral & Jared O’Connell

Grade 7 - Amber Richard & Mason Mello

Grade 6 - Kayla Owens & Nicholas Antonio

Grade 5 - Rebecca Davis & Dylan Clements

Related Arts - Kaitlyn Marcotrigiano & Tristan Lacourse


Grade 8 - Samantha Benevides & Noah Ferreira

Grade 7 - Bella DeCilio & Christopher Pike

Grade 6 - Jillian Pestana & Dario St. James

Grade 5 - Marina DePalo & Nathan Maiato

Related Arts - Una Soliday & Mitchell Bushell

Our Expectations

We have 3 pillars of behavior that are expected of every child, in every setting.


Beckwith students are respectful. We are cooperative, acknowledge personal space, and treat others the way we would like to be treated. We respect our teachers and staff by listening and following directions. We respect our school by keeping hallways, classrooms and restrooms clean.


Beckwith student are responsible. We are active participants in our classrooms. We come to class on time and are always prepared to learn. We navigate the hallways in a responsible manner, and plan accordingly for locker and restroom breaks.


Beckwith students are safe. We are quiet when teachers and staff require our attention. We traverse the school in a safe manner. We use school materials appropriately, and we look out for the safety of our fellow classmates.


If you’d like to help out, there are a number of ways to do so. Students are earning tickets for good behavior, which they can redeem for rewards. We would greatly appreciate reward donations or suggestions for rewards. We also need help with copying materials, and chaperoning events. Please contact Ms. Evans for more information.

You will need a current CORI/SORI if you would like to volunteer at the school. You can get this done by speaking with one of our secretaries in the office. Please bring a photo ID with you.

Our Leadership Team

Mrs. Coyne

Ms. Evans

Mrs. Grosslein

Mr. Kelly

Mr. Martone

Ms. Miller

Mrs. Verzone

PBIS Mission Statement

We, the students and staff of Beckwith Middle School, commit ourselves to working together to provide a positive, safe, and respectful school environment that encourages learning, cooperation, compassion and independence.