MVP Newsletter

What's going on in First Grade This Week


We are really focusing on using our decoding and fluency strategies in timed reading assessments. We are using these in the classroom, so students can see their improvement in each reading session. This will also prepare students for our Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA). Students are supposed to be on a level 18 by the end of first grade.


1.NBT.4 and 1.NBT.5

This week in math students are focusing on adding and subtracting ten to a number. We are using the 120 chart tool to help find the pattern. Students should understand that the tens place changes when adding and subtracting ten, but the ones place stays the same. This process will help students to be able to later solve equations where they have to add and subtract multiples of ten. 20+10=30, 35+10=45, 45-10=35 , 20-10=10

History/Writing focus this week: