Food, Shopping, Nightlife.

What do you eat in the USA?

For dinner, we will eat shrimp scampi pasta with steak & chicken tenders at O'charley's, a restaurant in South Carolina.

Shrimp scampi pasta is made ​​of shrimp shells and onion gravy.

Eat with your favorite wine even more delicious.

The steak chicken and tenders of chicken flesh is very thick.

I had a photo of the steak.

O`charley`s is famous place in the United States, but Korean people don`t know.

But I know there!

Are you going shopping in the USA?

Yes, we are going shopping in the USA. In Kcc farmers market, we will buy shave ice at super sweet corn, a BBQ abalone.

This is very hot. 7:00 to 10:00 would like to inform that it is appropriate to go.

It uses a lot of the Japanese people. No korean.

This is the salad sauce, buttered corn and many other crops and food to sell.

I purchase here Shave ice and the bear honey and BBQ abalone.

Shave ice is a pretty color of the drink. It`s sweety.

Super sweet corn is a simple snack.

I asked the butter and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

BBQ abalone is also a kind of snack.

This is without the use of special sauce just grill.

So delicious today.

Where do you go party while in the USA?

While in the USA, we will Hollween party at the Disny land in LA.

Halloween is not now,There was a chance for a Halloween party. It is a lucky

There are many kinds of performances to be a fairy tale costume.

Such as Snow White, Aladdin etc.

It is all day long Performancing carnival events, selling the product.

And at night, there are many strange lights and sculptures.