Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

December 17, 2014

Week 16

Winter break has almost arrived! It is really cold outside and we still have kiddos coming without coats. We do go out for recess, so please send your child with a coat. Thanks to all the parents who volunteered as chaperons on our filed trip .We had a great time!

Don't forget, we have early release on Friday at 12:30. Please send your child with a sack lunch or return the slip to the cafeteria to buy one on Friday. We will have out holiday party on Friday from 10:00 - 11:00. Have a wonderful holiday break and enjoy your family time! See you next year.

Up Coming Events @ Dodd

Dodd Santa Shop - Monday Dec. 15th from 7:45 - 2:00.

Also on Dec. 16-18 from 7:45 - 2:00 Santa shop will be open for kiddos.

Friday Dec. 19th - Dino Beat 7:30 am.

Friday Dec. 19th - Early Dismissal @ 12:30.

Holiday Break - December 20th - January 4th

January 5th - first day back from break

Reading and Writing

This week, students will read a realistic fiction story called My Very Own Room. They will use context clues to determine the meaning of the following words: separate, determination, storage, exact, ruined, and luckiest. Students will focus on making predictions and summary. Because of the early dismissal on Friday, we will be taking our reading test on Thursday. Wednesday will wrap up on Unit 4 A on expository reading and procedures. Our Unit test will be this Wednesday. Have your child look over their notes page on Unit 4 A, in their yellow folder, to help them with unfamiliar words. The students had a great time making their marshmallow snowmen. We will make a melted snowman this week, most likely, real quick on Friday.

Writing will focus on adding things to our writing portfolio and sharing with others.

Spelling and CUPS

The spelling rule this week is the schwa sound. It can be made a, e, and u. Students will complete the activity page and use homophones in their writing. The homophones this week are: red, read, break, and brake. Students will take their spelling and CUPS test on Thursday, so CUPS homework with go home Wednesday night and due on Thursday.

Social Studies

In social studies we have moved on to unit 3 which will cover Juan de Onate and Christopher Columbus. Students will learn about how these people have contributed to the formation of communities and we will continue to work on map skills.