San Diego Zoo

For the past couple of days we watched a live cam on different animals. We got to study

the animals. I studied the elephants and I got to watch the elephant for 5 whole minutes. We did not go for real because it would take 33 hour trip and it's on the other side of the county. Also my favorite animal ways the elephants that why I picked it.

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At night the zoo has a 24 hour night watch. They have the night watch in a holding yard, so they will get heat. There is a African herb and it has 1 adult bull, 6 adult female cafes, 4 male cafes, and 2 female cafes so far. Elephants need to drink a lot, because it is so hot in the San Diego Zoo. The elephants all most never site down, so they sand up a lot. Their ears can flip up and down it happiness a lot. At 11:00 they have something could the elephant rush. In the elephant rush 16 elephants attend. The elephants have to find their treats. They elephants are good at smelling, and they got trained to do the elephant rush. Elephants tusks are white and sharp, they stick out of their trunk.