Ramsey School District

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January 25th - Technology PD Day Overview

Below is an overview of our January 25th Professional Development Day. Please note that the morning sessions are breakout sessions and the afternoon will provide a block of time to create tech integrated lessons with your colleagues. The registration form will be coming in the next few days. Please confer with your department colleagues to see if you would like to attend the same workshop, or separate workshops in preparation for the afternoon session.
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8:30 - 9: 15 - Keynote

9:30 - 11:30 - Session 1

11:30 - 12:30 - Lunch

12:30 - 3:30 - Session 2 / Work time
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AM Workshop Sessions


Using formative assessment to evaluate student progress, foster self-reflection and empower meaningful work.

Apps used in this workshop: iMovie, TouchCast, Opinion Podcasts, Book Creator, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides

Making Global Connections to Foster 21st Century Competencies and Deeper Learning

Learn how to connect students with industry experts and classrooms around the world to provide authentic opportunities for deeper understanding of content and different perspectives. You will come away from this session with strategies, examples, and resources to help you get started immediately to connect your classroom to the world in new and exciting ways.

Apps used in this workshop:

Skype, Zoom Cloud Meetings, Facetime ,Padlet ,Book Creator, Google Maps , Google Earth,Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Classroom

Instructional Workflow using the iPad

Master the challenges of classroom workflow management and learn (hands-on) techniques that make teaching with the iPad easier and more effective while adding value to your lessons.

Apps used in this workshop: Google Classroom, Actively Learn, Nearpod, EdPuzzle, Tackk.

Collaborative Tools

Discover how to promote student collaboration in your teaching. We will focus on how a few tools can be integrated into your teaching to enhance student learning and engagement.

Apps used in this workshop: Twitter, TodaysMeet, Padlet, and Discussions in Google Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Discover the benefits of “flipping” your classroom to best utilize class time to differentiate instruction, foster interactive discussions, collaboration, problem-solving, and hands-on applications.

Apps used in this workshop: Explain Everything, EdPuzzle, Google Classroom.

Documenting the Learning Process

Learn how to create opportunities for student reflection in your classroom using images and other tools on the iPad. Identifying and documenting key points in the learning process promotes critical thinking and deeper connections with content and applications while forming the habit of self-reflection.

Apps used in this workshop: Padlet,Google Drive, Pages, iMovie, Book Creator, PicCollage,Thinglink, Skitch, Explain Everything, SpeakingPhoto, Popplet Lite, ChatterPix Kids and YAKiT Kids.

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A Note about the afternoon

Please identify a unit or lesson you will be working on in the afternoon session. We will be using the classrooms on the second floor adjacent to the computer labs where the consultants will be available to support your work.

Advanced Session - 12:30-2:30

Keynote speaker Greg Kulowiec will be presenting an advanced session on designing the innovative tech supported classroom. This workshop is open to staff members with a strong background in the use of technology.