Digital Teaching and Learning

September 29, 2021

Looking for a way to make content interactive for students?

Check out Nearpod, a new HCPS subscribed digital tool!

Why Use Nearpod?

Why Use Nearpod?

How do you set up your initial account with Nearpod?

From itslearning, open Clever, scroll down the page, and select Nearpod (Watch the Introducing Clever video, so you know how we use Clever).

How can Nearpod support instruction?

Teachers can:

  • Toggle between live and self-paced lessons.
  • Create a variety of interactive content for students.
    - Embed videos, or assign video which infuses open-ended and multiple choice questions.
    - Set-up activities like matching pairs, time to climb, draw it, and drag and drop.
    - Insert a collaborate board for students to post and like.
    - Showcase student work by sending an individual's work out to all students.
  • Use Nearpod's robust library which is searchable by standards.
  • Take students on virtual field trips, care of Nearpod's library.
  • Empower students to manage notes from Nearpod and export to their OneDrive.
  • Export reports, which include participation summary, correct answer data, and individual student responses.

How to use this tool: The Basics

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Big picture

If you need to merge a previous account with the new district account, contact

Nearpod Professional Development Opportunities

Want to learn more about Nearpod? Attend one of the upcoming afterschool professional development opportunities. Register in Hector today.


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