English 3 Co-Taught

with Amy Zimmermann and Kim Jones

Junior Year Matters!

We have explained to the kids that junior year matters. They will want to do their best, earn strong grades, and become stronger readers and writers, regardless of what path they plan to take after high school.

What We've Done So Far

  1. Participated in getting-to-know-everyone activities
  2. Written individual student letters of introduction
  3. Chosen independent reading books, set weekly reading goals, logged reading progress
  4. Completed 2 day departmental pre-assessment (reading and writing)
  5. Completed 2 day narrative writing pre-assessment (topic of student's own choosing)

Our Year-long Theme

What does it mean to be human, and what is the best way to live? We will examine this question as it applies to ourselves and characters we read about, considering ours and their lives in 4 different realms: the individual, the family, the larger society, and the existential.

This is the junior theme for students in our class and in the regular English 3 (formerly known as CP classes). We are reading similar texts and much of the courses are aligned.

Our Texts

Our Town (Thornton Wilder)

Macbeth (Shakespeare, online graphic novel form)

The Terrorist's Son (Zak Ebrahim)

Book clubs (students choose from 3 texts)

Short stories


Non-fiction articles and narratives

Visual literacy (movie clips, TED talks, art images, etc.)

Other Curricular Elements

Writing Workshop

Reading Workshop (2 hours/week, logged in class, clear goal-setting)

Small group work

Presentations (small group or individual)

Student-teacher conferences

How you can help

  • Check in on your child's weekly independent reading (reading workshop book--2 hours per week minimum outside of class)
  • Suggest titles to your child, or offer articles you read that were interesting
  • Give the gift of a book store gift card, or encourage trips to the library
  • Ask your child about his/her writing pieces once we get to those units. See how your child is doing in terms of thinking of topics, etc. Talk about moments that have stuck in your child's memory, or people who have influenced them, or experiences when they felt they had to "grow up." These can be great personal essays for writing workshop and can lead to college essays down the line.
  • Email us if you see something of concern