3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending January 8, 2016

A Note from Mrs. Adams

Is anyone else used to writing 2016? I'm not!! I hope you all had a happy new year and a relaxing break and holiday!

Just a few things...

Scholastic book orders are due next Friday (15th) if you are interested in ordering (the magazines with book choices went home on Wednesday).

Recycling Office Chairs - if you are putting any rolling office chairs on the curb for trash, please feel free to donate them to one of the third grade classes! We love having extra rolling chairs in the room for kids to use as "reading chairs" or "reward chairs". Thanks!

1/14 School Store

1/18 No School MLK Day

1/26 Salad Bar

1/29 School Store

Writing Buddies

We were rehearsing a "chapter" of our information book with our buddies before writing a draft.

Main Idea Movement

We had sentence strips all around the room and had to work with small groups to put the sentences in sequence. Then we had to decide what the main idea was and which were the supporting details. It was a fun way to practice and go us up and moving!

Chemical Mystery

We started our unit on chemistry this week! We started with a "KW" chart (what we already know about chemicals and what we want to know). Then we looked at the properties of a dry chemical and guessed what it was. Next week, we will be adding water to the chemical to observe the changes it goes through. Chemistry will be a lot of fun (and safe... don't worry! None of the chemicals we work with are dangerous!)


We played Kahoot twice this week... once to review perimeter in math, and the other was to review the story we read this week "Young Thomas Edison".

Geography Bee

Congratulations to Lilliana (Kat's sister) for winning the 4th-5th grade geography bee. And congratulations to Brady's brother (Johnny) and Audrey's brother (Griffin) for participating and doing a great job! It was exciting to get to watch the geography bee competition!
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