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Welcome Back!

I hope you had an amazing and relaxing summer. I'd like to introduce you to a newsletter that I will send to you monthly. I want to share what we are doing in the library, lessons that will be offered, new books to try, resources available and a question for the month. I hope this newsletter will help us to stay connected and give you an opportunity to use the library as a resource for your classroom. Come by and visit anytime.


Things you need to know.
Check out the classroom library on this webpage. Love it!

Challenge Question

Want to encourage your students to do more research? This section will have a question each month for your kids to explore or maybe a challenge to figure something out. The question/challenge will be here and in the library. Students can submit their answers throughout the month to a box in the library. At the end of the month, I will draw responses until I get 5 correct answers. Those students can come down to the library for a small prize. For now, I'm providing a link here showing how bubble gum is made. Very interesting.

Please remind your students to put their name and your name on their answers so I can find them.

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