WJHS After School Tutoring

Make the most out of your school day!

What is tutoring?

Tutoring is designed to help YOU, the student, get exactly the help you need with your school work.

There are many reasons why you might want to come to tutoring.

  1. You are a student athlete. Keeping your grades up while playing a sport is tough!
  2. You don't like to ask questions in class. Get one on one help!
  3. You do better in a small group setting. Work with a teacher or peer!
  4. You like to have a quiet place to work after school. Tutoring is your place!

Math Tutoring with Mr. Baldwin

Struggling with a math problem? Mr. Baldwin is here to help you!

Room 4-Mondays and Tuesdays right after school


English & Reading Tutoring with Mrs. Richards

Need help with a reading or writing assignment? Mrs. Richards can help you!

Room 15-Mondays and Tuesdays right after school