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Mobile Devices - 3/31/13

So our new email has a MUCH improved mobile options. If you haven't already set yours up with your phone, grab the directions here: https://hcpss.me/exchange/resources.html
Scroll down to the bottom right and you can download directions. Took me about 5 minutes to set up =)

At first I was all annoyed because my school email appeared to get mixed in with my Gmail, since I had that synched to my phone too. Eeek!!! But then I found a trick. Maybe all of you iPhone pros already knew this but I'm a newbie so when I found it and was excited by it.

There is a button in the top left corner when you are in your inbox that says whatever your email is called, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, etc...... If you tap it, you will be brought out to this screen on an iPhone. I'm going to imagine that it works similarly on Android Phones.
If you have synched any folders with your device they can be found in the Accounts area.

If you want you can also combine ALL your Mailboxes into one master box by clicking All Inboxes.

Now, here is the Negative, Sad news. I thought there was a work around. Sadly, there is none. Score one for the OLD CLC. You CAN NOT, WILL NOT WON'T be able to EVER get the CES Public Folder on your mobile devices, Phones, Tablets, etc. =( You CAN ONLY get to this folder from a computer.

I tried all kinds of work around's last night on three different devices and I continued to come back to the same place. You can email through your mobile devices browser just fine by the way if you like the web based version but no matter how hard I tried I could NOT get it to let me view the Public Folder. BOO!!

UPDATE: Check Out Public Folders - Tips and Tricks for More info on Getting your Public Folder on the GO!

What about just viewing through my Mobile Device Browser?

Another mobile option is to view your email by connecting to https://mail.hcpss.org using your mobile device browser (Firefox, Safari, or Chrome).

Just make sure you select the Light Version when logging in.

You will then be able to access your email similarly to how you access your email from your computer.
Whether you use the Mail App or your Browser it really comes down to a personal preference. You have to see which works best for you and how you use your email on the go. I usually use my phone to automatically check for new email messages and then send quick replies so my personal preference is the Mail App. However, I have used the browser option from time to time when I needed to access a folder I had created with messages more than 3 days old.

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