Aker Magazine

Call for Submissions

We are currently seeking submissions of high quality stories, poetry, photography, illustration, digital art and anything else beautiful or astounding that you have created.

We like work that is experimental and powerful. We like work that has voice. We like things that make people pause and shudder, think and dance, cry and moan. We like work that breaks rules and bends bones. We like work of the highest quality and the lowest class. We like work that is purposeful and delicate in its intent, even is it is rough and unpolished. We like art that has a spirit and passion, work that plays with language and form, work that makes us question ourselves and the world around us.

One of the benefits of being an online magazine is that we can play with new formats, so work that combines mediums and plays with sound, text, video...whatever...is welcome.

We have no guidelines regarding formatting or word lengths and we don't want to see your biography - your work should stand up on its own.

For more information see www.akermag.com please note there is a strong language warning, so if swearing offends, perhaps don't click through. Feel free to send us an email at akermagazine@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing your work!