Ethan Kroll

Spare Parts (Problem/Solution)

In the book Spare Parts Oscar had many adversities. First, he decided to leave Mexico because it was poor and he wanted a better life. He then jumped the border to come to the United States. He was scared to get caught while doing this. While in the United States his family got a house and he went to high school. He originally wanted to be in the marine but couldn’t since he wasn’t a U.S. citizen. So, he joined the Robotics Team at school and went to battle with other teams. He decided to then become an engineer.

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Cane (Description)

Cane is a 9 year old boy who invented a cardboard arcade game, which was kept at this dad's store. Cane persevered through the difficulty of not having customers play his arcade game for 2 years. During those 2 years he kept persuading people to try his game. A journalist came to the store and tried the game, the journalist liked the game and interviewed Cane about it. People read the article and came to play the arcade game. He persevered through the difficult times.