Cub Chronicle: Parent Edition

November Newsletter

What We're Learning

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Content Areas



ELA Letters: Ee, Hh, Ff

SLA Letters: Ll, Tt, Dd

Word Families: -at, -an

Rimas: -una, -ama, -elo

Elements of print: letters, words, and pictures

Making inferences and predictions

Rhyming: producing a word that rhymes with a given word

Beginning Sounds: producing a word that begins with the same sound as a given pair of words


Rote Counting: end of year goal is up to 30

One-to-One Correspondence: end of year goal is up to 10

Recognizing numbers 0-9

Recognizing the last number counted in the sequence is the total number counted (I have 5.)

Patterns: recognizing and creating patterns

Location Words: Above, Below, On, In, On top of, Under, Between, Beside, Next to


Position and Motion of Objects

Sources of Energy: Light, Heat, and Electricity

Social Studies / SEL:

My Family: Similarities and differences in characteristics of families, classmates, and cultural differences

Problem Solving: Initiating problem solving strategies


November Theme: Fall & Friends



-understanding words are written in a book

-recognizes first name in print

-identifying letters: Rr, Uu, Ss, Ll, Bb, Tt, & Ww.


-rote counting

-1:1 correspondence

-identifying shapes

-positional words



-motion of objects

-sources of energy

Social Studies/SEL:

-characteristics of families

-identifying feelings

Specials' Corner

PE with Coach Freeman:

In PE for the month of November, we will be doing bowling and Speed stacks! There will be a Speed Stacking presentation on November 6th! This incorporates crossing the mid-line, which connects both sides of the brain to make learning easier and faster.

Art with Mrs. Lovelace:

November is Native American History Month and we will be creating projects based on Native Americans. Particularly the Choctaw and Cherokee Nations because Mrs. Lovelace, the art teacher, is form the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma and belongs to the Cherokee tribe. We will also be creating projects based on Autumn as we get closer to Fall Break. We will continue to explore painting, cutting, drawing and coloring while creating these exciting projects.


In Music we will begin learning high sounds and low sounds. We will learn to recognize sol and mi in a song. Children will play a variety of instruments to continue practicing steady beats and will sing along and move to a variety of songs. We will reinforce concepts learned in the classroom through music such as letter names and sounds, counting, and social emotional skills.

Library with Mrs. Churchill & Mrs. Cunningham:

We have settled into a nice routine of coming in quietly, sitting down, and getting ready for our library story. Most of us are doing a great job of returning our books each week! If you receive a note from your child’s teacher about an overdue book, please return it ASAP. If you cannot find the book, please send payment to cover the cost of the book so that it may be replaced. This month, we will focus on the sequencing of the story. What happened first, in the middle and at the end of the story? Please continue this practice at home, as you read to your child every day. They LOVE to tell you what they know and remember about each story!

Health Spot

Please follow the "need to stay home" guidelines as well as teaching students proper hand hygiene (wash for 20 seconds) and covering their mouth or nose when they sneeze or cough (please teach them to cough, sneeze on the inside of their shirt collar by lifting it up to their nose/mouth). Flu season is almost upon us and these are good habits to start with your children now.

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Reminders from Nurse Kenzig...

  • Please send all students at least 2 changes of clothes in their backpacks.

  • Please ensure that your contact information in current in Skyward and you have provide emergency contacts as well.

  • We will be beginning vision and hearing screening with our students the week prior to Thanksgiving break.

  • Please check your students daily for lice or nits.

Counselor's Corner

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This month we will be celebrating Gen Tex Week. Gen Tex week puts a special spotlight on higher education. Our lessons will focus on, career exploration, students will have the opportunity to rotate in stations and explore different careers.

Parents and Guardians,

During the course of the school year we will work towards promoting college and career readiness. Next week we will be celebrating Gen-TX week. Gen-TX week invites students, parents and educators to support higher education for Texas students. Below are the activities that we have scheduled to celebrate next week. This is also a great opportunity to attend GPISD’s experience as you look toward your child’s future and choose the school that best fits their needs for next school year. The GPISD Experience will take place this Saturday November 2nd at Dubiski Career High School. What a wonderful way to get students thinking about going to college and/or preparing for their careers!

Monday, November 18- “Dress for Success”

Students can dress in professional attire.

Tuesday, November 19- “Crazy about our future”

Students can wear mismatching clothes, socks, crazy hair etc.

Wednesday, November 20- “Tied up in Higher Education”

Students may wear ties or scarves.

Thursday, November 21-“When I grow-up I want to be..”

Students will dress for their future career.

Friday, November 22-“Your future starts here!”

Student are encouraged to wear their ‘Class of 2033’ school shirt

Thank you for your support in making this a successful College & Career week!

Mrs. Reyes and Mrs. Lopez

School Counselors


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Congratulations to our September Staff Member of the Month, Ms. Jasmine Gaines. She works hard to manage her time between helping students regulate their emotions/behavior and helping support teachers with strategies to help students with behavior. Thank you for the love and patience you have for our students!

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Congratulations to our October Staff Member of the Month, Mr. Armando Ramirez. He is such a hard worker and is always kind to staff and students. He continues to go out of his way to help students, greet all visitors, and responds quickly to every call for help in the building. Our favorite things about him…he always does it all so cheerfully!

Mark your calendars!

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2: GPISD Experience

5: All Pro Dads Tuesday Greeter @ 7:30-8:00a

Crockett Fitness Class for Parents 8:10-9:00a

6: PACT @ 8:30-9:30 am (Parents and Child Time Together)

8: Crockett Fitness Class for Parents 8:10-9:00a

All Pro Dads @ 7:30

Fire Drill

12: Picture Day Retake

13: Lockdown Drill

14: GPISD Board Meeting

15: Teddy Bear Mobile Fundraiser

19: Crockett Fitness Class for Parents 8:10-9 am

20: PACT 8:30-9:30a

22: All Pro Dad Welcome Students before Thanksgiving Break 7:30-8 am

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Dear Crockett Pre-K4 Families,

I would like to personally invite you to attend The GPISD Experience which will be held this Saturday, November 2nd from 9-noon at Dubiski Career High School. As much as we would love to keep your child with us for another school year, when the time comes, we want you to be able to make the best choice for your child's elementary school!

This event is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know what Grand Prairie ISD has to offer your child. You will be able to meet principals and staff from each of the amazing elementary campuses and programs. While our district is an open enrollment district, several campuses offer programs of choice and require an application to be submitted, deadlines, and requirements to meet in order for your child to be accepted. Help secure your child’s seat by completing the online application before the general application window opens to the public on Monday, November 4.

Bring the whole family to enjoy carnival games, face painting, student performances, food trucks, cotton candy, pumpkin patch, photo booths, balloon twisters, petting zoo, and more. We hope to see you there! Be sure to stop by and say hello to us at our table!

For more information visit us on facebook @crockettees or visit the GPISD Experience Website


Magdalena Garcia
Crockett Early Education School


  • We are continuing to hold compulsive attendance meetings. Please be checking your child's folder for any attendance communication.
  • Remember to send a note to school with your child excusing his absence upon returning to school.
  • Arrive on time! Don't forget that 3 tardies equal 1 absence. The tardy bell rings at 8:10 a.m.
  • Plan for your child to remain in school until dismissal time. Parents should only sign out students early in case of an emergency.
  • Our dismissal ends at 3:45 p.m. Make sure your child is picked up by that time.
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  • If your child is dismissed in the back of the building, please remember to enter campus from 14th st.
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  • It's not too late to buy your Crockett t-shirt! Click the link below or stop by the office to turn in your order form.