The Nervous System...

by Caelyn Jarrett

...Main Organs

There are 3 main organs in the Nervous System. The first one is the brain. It is like the control center for the Nervous System. The brain is attached to the next organ, the spinal cord. These two meet at the back of the brain near your neck. The spinal cord is basically the organ that holds the system together since it is connected to the last organs- nerves. Nerves are bundles of neuron cells that are pathways from the brain to the body.


This is the way the Nervous System works. First the brain sends pulses through your spinal cord to your nerves faster than electricity. These pulses are transferred by nerves into touch or taste. Reflexes are also used by nerves. Nerves can even make you feel pain and hunger. It helps your reflexes react in an instant as well.

The 3 Organs of the Nervous System

Questions and Answers

#1 Can Nerves Break? In a way. If the fibers inside your nerve break, but the insulation is intact, the broken part will die while the part the brain really needs will live on.

#2 Are Tastebuds Nerves? Yes. They are tiny little ends of nerves that allow us to taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory.

#3 Why are you Ticklish on Your Spine? Think about it. The impulses to make you feel are going through your spinal cord. Also, the very things that make you feel are attached to it. No wonder you're a little ticklish!