Autism Toilet Paper

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What We Used To Believe

Autism was once thought to be one of the following: mental illness, result of poor parenting, related to mental impairments, an unwillingness to connect to people, a behavior disorder, or caused by immunizations. Science has taught us that it is a neurodevelopmental disorder and none of our old beliefs were accurate.

The Debate About Vaccinations

Fraudulent Research for Profit

Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, a former British surgeon and researcher, published a paper in 1998 claiming a link between the MMR vaccine and the appearance of autism and bowel disease. Four years after that study, no researcher was able to duplicate his findings. In 2004, a financial conflict of interest was found and his co-authors withdrew their support of the findings. Additionally, the General Medical Council (GMC) conducted inquiries into allegations of misconduct. In 2010, the GMC found three dozen charges proved including 4 counts of dishonesty and 12 counts of abuse involving developmentally challenged children. He is now barred from practicing medicine in the UK. In 2011, his work was identified as an "elaborate fraud" to create a need for medical testing from which he hoped to profit. Wakefield's claim that vaccines caused autism led to a decline in vaccination rates in the UK, USA , and Ireland and a corresponding rise in mumps and measles resulting in serious injuries and deaths.

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