NCE 5th Grade Newsletter

January 29, 2016

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Reading Round Up

This week we continued our work on expository text. Students completed their Expository Bingo reading reflections, and we took an assessment. Expository is the genre we use most often on a daily basis, whether to cook something, find something, or learn how to do something. We will continue our focus on the expository genre throughout the year. One fun way to sharpen your student's expository reading skills is to get out the instructions for a game and make them responsible for teaching the rest of the family how to play. This will also highlight the importance of writing clearly.

Next week we will switch our focus back to fiction. We have an author, Obert Skye, coming to NCE in March, so we will be reading one of his books. We will also work on some projects to share with Mr. Skye when he comes.

Writing Notes

The students reviewed compound sentences this week. They practiced writing their own. In addition, they searched for compound sentences in their novels that they are reading. We also learned about conjunctions. We reviewed the acronym "FANBOYS" that helps students recall frequently used conjunctions.

This week the students continued to work on their magazine article. They are spending a great deal of time planning their article. The students are working on their graphic organizer to help them plan out their writing. They are also working to carefully choose text structures, text features, and signal words for their writing piece.

The 5th Grade Team

Mrs. Griffin

Mr. Krauklis

Ms. Lauden

Mrs. Mata

Home Access Center Instructions

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Math in a Minute

Most of the students completed their test this week and the grades have been posted in the Home Access Center. Students who scored below 70 made corrections to their test today and will be given a retest next week. This retest can raise their score up to a 70.

Next week we will begin working on Geometry and Measurement. We will be classifying quadrilaterals based on their characteristics and finding the volume of a cube. Students will have 1 homework assignment on Monday that will be due on Thursday.

I hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

From the Science Lab

We have an exciting science test over Alternative Energy Resources, Fossils, the Water Cycle, and the Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Cycle on Tuesday. We will be going over the Water Cycle and the Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Cycle next week. Upcoming topics include: Weather and climate, and the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Encourage them to watch the weather report on the news each day, if possible, so they can start observing weather patterns!

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Social Studies

This week we continued our discussion of the Bill of Rights. We will have a major assessment on Monday over the three branches of government and the Bill of Rights. Students will be allowed to use their notes and books, so please make sure they don't get inadvertently thrown out when cleaning out their backpacks. The Kahoot review from class will be posted on Canvas for further review. Watching the news with your student provides countless opportunities to discuss current legislation and how the Bill of Rights currently has a direct effect on us all. Playing the Do I Have a Right game (accessed from the link below) is a great way for students to practice their knowledge of the Bill of Rights.

Lunch and Learn about the STAAR Reading Test

Who: Parents/Guardians of NCE 3rd-5th Graders

What: Brown Bag Lunch & Learn* focusing on helping students with the STAAR reading test in the spring

When: Friday, February 5th from 11:15- 12:15

Where: Nottingham Country Elementary (MPR)


· Are you interested in learning more about the STAAR reading test? Do you want to learn some tips and strategies for helping your child with their reading homework? We are hosting a seminar to review the current reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and share instructional strategies and techniques for the upcoming STAAR reading test.

Click on the link below to RSVP

· *Please bring your own lunch.*

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Sock Hop!

5th Grade Sock hop will be held on Friday, February 12th from 1:45-3:00. This is the annual Spring party for 5th grade. Please remind your student that everyone goes to the sock hop, it's not a "dance" that you invite someone to.

The 4 optional activities associated with sock hop are:

  1. Making a poster about the sock hop to displayed in the hall. There will be a prize for the best poster. These are due to PTA by February 3rd.
  2. Wear a 50's costume to school on February 12th. Poodle skirts, "greasers", and nerds...whatever your preference, there will be plenty of friends in awesome outfits!
  3. Create a Valentine box- some people go all out- we even had a 3 foot pink poodle one year!
  4. Valentine Exchange- if you choose to bring in cards, please be sure to have one for each student in your homeroom class. Contact your homeroom teacher if you have not received a list.

If you want to help out, you may contact Kristen Allen at you can also sign up on PTAvenue.

Now collecting 5th grade flashback photos for the yearbook- Due by FEBRUARY 7th

Email a baby picture of your adorable 5th graders to to have them included on the flashback page.

Social Media Permission Forms!

If your child received a social media permission form, please return the completed form to your child's homeroom teacher as soon as possible. Anyone who has not returned the form will automatically default to "No Social Media."

MPJH Course Selection

The counselors from Memorial Parkway Junior High were here this week to talk about course selections for next year. Course catalogs and selection sheets were sent home with your child on Wednesday. They are due back February 2nd.

Many parents have questions about pre-ap vs. academic classes for their children. Our suggestion is to look at their grades in each subject so far this year. If your child is making A's and high B's, pre-ap classes are probably appropriate for them. If your child is making low B's and C's in a subject, we suggest they take an academic class.