Vantut National Park

Yukon Territory of Canada By: David Alexander

Fun Facts

Vantut is located in the northern part of Yukon, Canada. It was established in 1995 but has almost no roads or pathways. It has lots of protected forest. It is also full of rivers and lakes.

Most of the year it is frozen, not a lot of animals scurry around.


The Vantut National Park is a mountainous region and is full of lakes and rivers. It also borders the Beaufort sea. It has some grassland and forested areas but are scattered because of the mountain ranges (Cordillera).

Residents of The Vantut National Park


There are a vast region of plants. There are large amounts of Oak, Pine, and Maple trees thrive in the barely inhabited region. There are also lots of grass that grows to around five feet. There are lots of moss and mushrooms around waterways and on humidified trees.

Tourist Attractions

It is hard to get to remote areas of the Vantut Park. You could go there to see the animals or stay at a lodge. You could also just go for some peace and quiet. There are some Ranger stations and museums to tour and see. You could also get a guide to have a hike around the region.