Babbitt News letter

Author: Gabby Traina

Main Characters


George F. Babitt is a real estate salesman living in Zenith. George has a very successful business, three kid and a lovely wife. But, for some reason he is not satisfied with his life, he can not stand his family, and feels like his life is empty. Babbitt often say dreams about running away with his dream fairy girl and having the perfect life. Babbitt also seems to always notice all the pretty woman that pass by him. Since Babbitt is unsatisfied with his family and life he decides to take a trip to Maine with one of his best friends Paul Riesling. Paul was very excited for this trip considering that he is also not happy with his marriage. Babbitt let lose on the trip to Maine being more carefree, but shortly returning back home he returns to his old unsatisfied self. Because of this Babbitt decides he wants to break from his usual habits. Babbitt soon got very bad news letting him know that his very good friend Paul is now in jail for killing his wife, this is the final push that makes him decided to change is life. Babbitt eventually meets a very beautiful widow Tanis Judique who he soon starts an affair with. His lifestyle soon changes dramatically when he starts going out late every night his wife Myra is gone and becoming a more carefree man. He soon starts to hangout with her friends instead of his old longterm friends, because of this his friends start to worry. Once Babbitt realizes this it is too late and becomes unhappier since his old friends have started to ignore him and his business has started to go downhill, even his relationship with Tanis is coming to a end. Babbitt's wife soon become ill with appendicitis convincing him that he needs to revert back to his more familiar and conservative life style, also repair his relationship with his family especially his wife Myra. Because of all the things that Babbitt has gone through he has slightly changed his look on life and is all and all a more joyful and happy man.



For Babbitt nature is way more than just an escape. Nature promises him relaxation, restoration, and a return to the basic things he wants.


babbitt seeks to escape form the different parts of his life ether this he not happy with. Babbitt uses nature the most as an escape seeing that it will help him calm down, and district him from the real world.

George Babbitt Realtor Business

Hello, my name is George F. Babbitt, i own a very successful relator business. Contact me when you are ready to buy a house!

What I Learned

I learned that you need to enjoy the things in life that you actually have and not hope for more and think that you need something else. George has everything that he would ever need in his life he just decided to not take it all in a notice how much he has. This is a very valuable lesson in life when it comes to almost every circumstance. This is one lesson that will help you through out your whole life.


In conclusion I believe that Babbitt learned a lot throughout his journey through his life. He learned a lot of different valuable lessons and in the end decided on doing the right thing. Babbitt made many mistakes in his life, but what is important is that in the end he decided that he needs to put his family first and rekindle their relationship.